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Name Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game is the most famous version in the Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game series of publisher HIDEA
Publisher HIDEA
Genre Games
Size 111.28 MB
Version 2.2.3
Total installs 10,000,000+
Update 2022/12/5
MOD Free Purchase,Unlocked
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Android Android Games
4.6 ( 498 ratings )
Price: $0

The amazing gameplay of Cats & Soup will surely impress you whether you’re a cat lover looking to raise your cute cats without any hassles, or a cat parent looking to interact with your beautiful felines on the go. Enjoy the AMSR Cats & Soup experiences in the peaceful setting of the forest.

With this game you will get full relaxation and you will be able to get well through the healing effects of the game in which you will find your inner peace and be able to isolate yourself from all the hectic and bothersome activities outside the game. On your mobile devices, on the go and whenever you like, play this cute and interactive cat simulation game. It’s that simple.

With our in-depth reviews on this mobile game from HIDEA, you will be able to get an in-depth understanding of all the cool features and advantages it offers.

Cats Soup Cute Idle Game 1
Cats Soup Cute Idle Game 1

Cats & Soup – Cute idle Game Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


A fairy garden filled with adorable cats of various species is surely something you have never imagined. The world of cat lovers awaits you at Cats & Soup. There is a dreamy forest in this game, which you will enter when you enter this game officially. It is a place where your wonderful cats live. In this game, you will be able to own all types of famous cats.

Cats Soup Cute Idle Game 2
Cats Soup Cute Idle Game 2

Cat soup simulation has intuitive gameplay and is interesting to play

Start by finding the game’s features and mechanics easy to understand. Relax while watching the cat orchestrate a band of soup artists as you give simple instructions. In order to discover its many features and interact with your adorable felines, you will need to utilize the simple touch controls and intuitive in-game layouts in this game.

Play whenever and wherever you want, with little attention, in this simple but addictive animal tycoon game. While you watch the cats make the soup, let them idle.

Cats Soup Cute Idle Game 3
Cats Soup Cute Idle Game 3

The cats need to manage their affairs

Managing cats here will be a challenge for you. Each of them can be assigned activities for any one of these tasks, since they are all in huge numbers.
Build a long-term presence in the market by becoming more established. It is possible to make soup of many kinds by managing the cats. For business expansion, soup must be delivered promptly and taste good.

Cats Soup Cute Idle Game 4
Cats Soup Cute Idle Game 4

You’ll feel your soul heal with this beautiful and relaxing gameplay

Gamers on Android can now relax in peace and serenity in Cats & Soup. Relax and feel calm with the powerful art styles. Additionally, you will be able to listen to the sounds of the cats while they boil their soup and their hard work. Play idle simulation at your own pace on the go with no demands on your time. Cats & Soup will guarantee total relaxation.

Beat Blade Dash Dance 5 1
Beat Blade Dash Dance 5 1

You can make the cat’s outfit and appearance better by customizing it

Your cat’s costumes should be changed regularly to emphasize their personalities. Keep them refreshed to bring your forest new life as well as its own benefits. Each cat appearing in the game has its own costume that can be changed by the player at any time to make it look as if it was a different cat. The female cats will wear pretty pink dresses, and the boys will wear cool jeans. Cat accessories can also be replaced and added by players.

Cats Soup Cute Idle Game 6
Cats Soup Cute Idle Game 6

Business expansion and variety of cats

Cats from all parts of the world are included in Cat & Soup MOD APK, including American cats as well as red, black, and white cats, Caribbean cats, and Siberian Himalayan cats. Make an effective assembly line by assigning them to work. Your soup-making business will flourish in the bustling forest as you expand, earn money through sales, and then invest it into the expansion of your company. Make delicious soups by purchasing accessories and ingredients.

Delicious soups can be made with the help of beautiful cats

Your band of soup-makers can be expanded by picking up a wide variety of cats. Different stars are represented by different cats with their own characteristics. Choose from a wide variety of cat species with their unique and distinctive cartoonish designs. You will find a variety of British Shorthairs, Siberians, Norwegians, Ragdolls, Birmans, Himalayans, Siams and more. This game will keep you entertained with its colorful, realistic animations and many different cats. Additionally, making many tasty soup pots will require extra help.


It will take you hours to learn how to distinguish between and name all the cats as you play Cats & Soup. You can name your cat whatever you like, because each cat has its own personality. A further feature of the game is that players have the opportunity to take pictures of their cute cats to keep memories of them. With frames, you can capture every movement, facial expression, or daily activity.

Customize your cat and interact with it

As you assign them different tasks, you can enjoy watching them work in the most feline way. In the game, you can customize your cute cats’ appearances as well as boost their abilities by using the dressing up features.

There are plenty of hats, clothes, accessories that you can collect. And you can even introduce your cats to different friends to keep them company. The cat houses are also customizable, where you can add home tiles, wallpapers, plates, pictures, flowers, and more to create your own cat house. You can continue making soups while your cats look absolutely beautiful and gain powerful boosts.

You can also give your cat delicious treats to foster their affection and encourage them to spend more time with you. Become a fishing master by playing cool mini-games. Play with and feed your cats to receive hearts. Cat names are up to you.


Gamers will be able to get their hands on their own life-like felines with Cats & Soup with its adorable cat designs, illustrations, and animations. Additionally, the beautiful and relaxing environments will enhance the experience. It is also important to note that the game should be playable on most Android devices no matter what their hardware is due to the undemanding 2D graphics.

Whats New

[2.2.3 Update]
- 30 Million Downloads Event
- 7 Days Attendance Event for Black Friday
- New ingredient facility and rest facility added
- 1 new cat added
- New package added for Black Friday
- Other bugs fixed and convenience improvements made

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