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Name Cell to Singularity: Evolution Cell to Singularity: Evolution is the most famous version in the Cell to Singularity: Evolution series of publisher ComputerLunch
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This educational entertainment from ComputerLunch is definitely a great mobile app to use if you are fascinated by this magnificent planet we live on, from its amazing history to the amazing diversity it is today. With this immersive and educational adventure from Cell to Singularity, Android gamers can have fun discovering their true beginnings. In the meantime, feel free to play Idle Clicker as long as you’re willing to enjoy simple, open-ended gameplay.
Play the informative and entertaining smartphone game Cell to Singularity: Evolution Never Ends as you learn about the origins of the earliest life on Earth. Learn about the fascinating evolution of animals and the ancient past of our planet. Immerse yourself in the exciting and realistic gameplay of Cell to Singularity and you will learn everything there is to know about the fantastic Earth. Find out more about this amazing Android game from ComputerLunch with our review.

Cell To Singularity Evolution 1
Cell To Singularity Evolution 1

Cell to Singularity: Evolution Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


The solar system has been devoid of life for a very long time, so in Cell to Singularity: Scientists can re-evolve life into this region. It is difficult to survive on this planet because it lacks water, air or forests. Use whatever few organic chemicals are still on our planet and revive the world.
Even if only a handful of organic molecules could give life, we can because all living things are made up of microscopic cells. Let these cells multiply by constantly clicking so that you have more resources to breed animals. Try to bring them back to normal, because restoring life is a difficult task.

Cell To Singularity Evolution 2
Cell To Singularity Evolution 2

Easy to learn and fun idle clicker game

Android gamers will immediately appreciate the easy-to-learn idle clicker game from Cell to Singularity that offers a variety of hands-on options. In the game, all you have to do to keep earning more entropy (the currency of life) is to keep tapping the screen. To accelerate the development of life on Earth, the accumulated entropy is used for various improvements and developments.
Enjoy hours of direct and exciting simulation gameplay that will introduce you to the glorious beginnings of the world. It would be beneficial to have an engaging idle clicker experience that would allow Android gamers to generate entropy without actually playing the game. Watch your Earth gradually change, just make a few adjustments and let the life force renew itself.

Cell To Singularity Evolution 3
Cell To Singularity Evolution 3


Nothing could exist in Cell to Singularity: Evolution, so it took a lot of work to get everything back to how it was. All kinds of animals will be born and develop; from tiny cells to humans, there will be many steps you can overlook or get wrong. Therefore, the appearance of the evolutionary map will allow you to organize and systematize the process of correcting your life.
Charts of the development of species, called “evolutionary maps,” can help you understand how species change over time and help you decide which organisms to build next to each other to take most evolutionary processes to a higher level. Make the most of this tool, because everything has to be organized somehow.

Cell To Singularity Evolution 4
Cell To Singularity Evolution 4


During the game you will also notice that as the cells grow, people start to appear. Humans will join the evolutionary process of other organisms. The stage of development is civilization. In this level you can collect cell molecules and civilization related points. You can use these ideas to quickly implement your own civilization. Collect these points by simply tapping the screen.

Cell To Singularity Evolution 5
Cell To Singularity Evolution 5

Examine the detailed evolution tree and its possibilities

Additionally, in Cell to Singularity, players will have access to an exciting evolution tree with different evolutions to choose from as they delve into the history of life on Earth. Choose from a variety of upgrades to give your planet new features. Explore the origins of life on Earth and the different paths different prehistoric organisms might have taken during their evolution.
In addition, as the game progresses and the planet enters the first age of civilization, you can explore the amazing technology tree, which allows you to discover a lot of new information about the latest technological advances. Experience the amazing possibilities of evolution as you learn about humans and animals in the future.

Track the planet’s biodiversity on mobile as it evolves from a single cell to a complex society using incredible technology.

Cell To Singularity Evolution 6
Cell To Singularity Evolution 6


To access Cells to Singularity: Evolution, you must evolve an organism into a human, the pinnacle of humanity. But to complete the planet, a civilization must be established at the same time as other cells. A decent civilization will keep the world viable; if it doesn’t, it will destroy it again.

Scientists who want to manually restore areas that have lost natural life can visit Cell to Singularity: Evolution. It will be hard to bounce back and start over with fewer and fewer cells, but that’s your goal. Let’s bring the world to life with your scientific knowledge.


Friends who are interested, the breathtaking visual experience of Cells to the Singularity allows you to enjoy the wonderful life simulation game. Enjoy breathtaking 3D environments and interactive features. It feels like you are in charge of your planet on your mobile device. And you, the undisputed Almighty, will lead all species on the right path of evolution.

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Can you unlock all 6 bank vaults in the next exploration event - Price of Trust? Unlock 6 new generators and 50+ traits to learn about the history of money. Coming November 23!

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