Idle World MOD APK v5.3 (Unlimited Money)

Name Idle World - Build The Planet Idle World - Build The Planet is the most famous version in the Idle World - Build The Planet series of publisher Homa
Publisher Homa
Genre Casual
Size 80.58 MB
Version 5.0
Total installs 5,000,000+
Update 2022/12/3
MOD Unlimited Money
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Android Android Casual
3.2 ( 871 ratings )
Price: $0

Many things can be found on the Earth, since it is a large planet. The Idle World lets you create a planet like Earth. With Idle World, you are able to build the Earth using your own hands. It is a simulation game. Water and land are still absent from the Earth. It’s your world. In addition, if you want your plane to be built gradually, you must have a plan for doing so. Additionally, you will learn a lot about the Earth during the building process.

Idle World Build The Planet 1
Idle World Build The Planet 1

Idle World – Build The Planet Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


The game starts at the beginning with an empty, dying planet that appears as soon as you log on. It’s easy to get energy in Idle World through planet relief activities. Would this be a motivating factor for you to continue since you will be earning more money as you develop yourself to new levels when your salary increases?

It is quite rough terrain on the giant ball you hold in your hands. How much energy will you use? We should begin by making it as green as possible. Take the time to grow the seeds you get in a bag. It wasn’t long before animal life began to develop and diversify as a result of the vegetation. I like watching them evolve. Use your abilities to provide air to life and you will be able to sustain it.

Idle World Build The Planet 2
Idle World Build The Planet 2

Graphically simple but still leaves a lasting impression

In addition to being one of Homa Games’ hit games, Idle World is also one of its core business units, publishing, acquiring users, and monetizing mobile games. On Android and iOS devices the game can be downloaded. There is absolutely no cost involved in playing the game. There is no need to connect to the Internet to play Idle World.

There’s a 2D graphic foundation for Earth in Idle World, plus outer space background. It will give you an opportunity to see the Earth from a very wide angle. Additionally, you can rotate the planet in any direction. From many different angles, you can see the Earth and understand its current state. The weather?

As well as stimulating you with lively sounds, you are sure to enjoy the music. Building will be easier if you speed it up. The player is easier to use with a simple interface. In some cases, you will see some images appearing on the screen, flying over it, for example, water, land, a sun, a satellite and many others. You will also see images of aliens and UFOs that will take you to outer space. They add a lot of excitement and will take you to a new world.

Idle World Build The Planet 3
Idle World Build The Planet 3


What are your plans for visiting the planet of your friend? Connect with some of the nearby planets or view the leaderboards to get involved in the Idle World community. The daily update will allow you to discover the application at any time without being reminded about it because there is no time limit.

Does disaster or risk coming at any time cause you the same anxiety as other players? When they visit, what will they say? This is the most practical action that can be taken to maintain the survival of the new planet on a longer-term basis, if the atmosphere is willing to be opened. Additionally, upgrading ground-level facilities, owning different plant and animal species, and accelerating human evolution are all vital!

Idle World Build The Planet 4
Idle World Build The Planet 4

Your planet is waiting for you

Primitive planets are the starting point. After that, follow the game’s instructions to build your planet. You can create water by clicking on the image of water. You can also create a land by clicking on the image. The more elements you add, the more energy you produce. In addition to the above, the Earth is still composed of a number of elements. There are many examples of soil, bacteria, plants, animals, and humans, for example. Energy increases with each addition of an element. It’s possible. In the short time we have, we cannot build the whole world. Click on the Sun to earn free energy. Energy equals 200 clicks. If you watch advertising, however, you will be able to multiply your earnings by tenfold.

There are several different methods by which energy can be earned in Idle World. If you click on the UFO image, using 10 diamonds will double speed energy. Energy increases faster when speed is increased. The speed energy, however, only lasts for 120 seconds, which is not enough time to reach the speed energy and you only earn 600 seconds. First, let’s look at this method. Travel in time is second. The energy will come to you when you travel back in time. It is random how many energy there are. According to the third method, the image that flies over the screen will determine the direction of the flight. You will receive energy as you touch an alien tube. You will however receive a certain number of free and a certain number of free Water or Land elements when you choose images related to Water or Land. Idle World also offers many diamonds and Time Travel for you. You can use spin to get diamonds, energy, or seconds time travel. To build the Earth faster, let’s earn diamonds and elements.

There is no limit to the amount of water and land elements you can add to your planet when you are building it. The players must complete the requirements in order to unlock the different elements. It requires 200 Water and 100 Land to activate the Soil element. Microorganism element unlocks after activating 100 Silt, 50 Sand, and 25 Clay. Further, it is of the utmost importance that you preserve, protect, and upgrade the planet. A preservation game has new elements such as plains, plateaus, mountains, sand and animals (fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, …), while a protection game has 5 spheres that constitute our atmosphere. The troposphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere. It is also worth noting that the publisher has included more content for the player in World 2.0 and Mars. You’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of attractions.

Idle World Build The Planet 5
Idle World Build The Planet 5


It’s a special masterpiece when you start Idle World because you see beautiful and realistic graphics. There is no better world than your planet, which you have always aspired to build in the vast universe. The same tools help you build and grow, and some of them work differently from others, and some of them support each other. We think you should know how each of them works just a little bit more, so there will be no surprises.

Whenever you sit down to work, something is going wrong that requires your attention, and there’s always something for you to do. If you click the settings box, a separate category appears with tools for upgrading, being more creative, more diverse, collecting the required conditions to unlock new features, and buying more accessories to customize your phone. Create your own planet using your imagination and have fun with it.

Idle World Build The Planet 8
Idle World Build The Planet 8

Idle World will keep you entertained

There are millions of players around the world who enjoy playing Idle World MOD APK because of its simple and easy gameplay. Make the planet your own by adding elements. The atmosphere can be built in a way to prevent a natural disaster from taking place. Animals and humans can also be added to the ground. There will be more planers. As a result of all these things, you are able to create a world that feels as real as possible. Aside from that, you’ll be enchanted by the vivid sounds and surprises. Building will not bore you. In the game are many useful skills. At the same time, you will also gain a large amount of knowledge from playing the game without having to search for the information on the Internet. We look forward to seeing your success as we build together.

Idle World Build The Planet 9
Idle World Build The Planet 9

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