Underworld MOD APK 1.9.3 [Unlimited Oxygen,Life] 2023

Name Underworld : The Shelter Underworld : The Shelter is the most famous version in the Underworld : The Shelter series of publisher Dreamplay Games
Publisher Dreamplay Games
Genre Games
Size 94.41 MB
Version 1.9.3
Update 2022/12/3
MOD Unlimited Oxygen, Life
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Android Android Games
3.6 ( 596 ratings )
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Humanity has been completely wiped from the earth’s surfaces in this post-apocalyptic world. The survival rate is low underground with only a few lucky survivors. There are numerous challenges in this game that will require you to guide the survivors through various kinds of situations within your underground shelter.

Ensure the future of humanity by helping your residents build an amazing underground world. Taking your team on many great surface expeditions is also exciting gameplay. Underworld: The Shelter has a thrilling gameplay that combines action and simulation at any time when you want to play!

Take a look at our comprehensive reviews for all the features of this mobile title from Dreamplay Games.

Underworld The Shelter 1
Underworld The Shelter 1

Underworld : The Shelter Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


A cursed base has been found by accident by you. There’s a sense of danger here. In Underworld: The Shelter, you will be taken on an adventure filled with adventure as you follow the storyline of the opening story. A dangerous environment will await players and they must find a way to survive. Several things here seem unreal. The problem is neither limited only to the equipment, but also to the resources, even up to genetically modified viruses, which are harmful to mankind.

Underworld The Shelter 2
Underworld The Shelter 2

Gameplay that is simple but evolves over time

Playing survival simulation games on Android is very fun and addictive when playing Underworld: The Shelter. Manage your underground bunker’s surviving residents and guide them. In order to build a sense of community, assign them certain tasks. Collect supplies and resources for survivors by going on expeditions. Help yourself progress by building certain buildings. So that you can thrive even if you are underground, you will need to advance your technology.

Underworld: The Shelter allows Android gamers to enjoy the underground shelter simulation with ease thanks to its simple touch controls, convenient gestures, and intuitive layouts. Its many exciting features on the go will allow you to quickly become familiar with the game’s mechanics. You’ll also be able to enjoy the entire game thanks to the built-in tutorials.

Underworld The Shelter 3
Underworld The Shelter 3


You are unable to control whether there are live or infected members of the human force in the case of a pandemic. Players will definitely enjoy the battles in this game. Despite the fact that you have to deal with countless battles with viruses or sick bosses directly, the thing that stands out is the number of battles you will be facing. The pace was fast, but the drama was intense. The enemy’s battle may be aimed at you, so you must fight to avoid being hit. As well as collecting various resources, you will also be able to provide a few things to your citizens during the war in order to keep them alive.

Underworld The Shelter 4
Underworld The Shelter 4

Make an underground shelter that is perfect for your needs

Players have complete control over the construction, upgrade, and expansion of their underground shelter establishments in Underworld: The Shelter. Make food and supplies for the community by building different production facilities. Building important buildings to produce weapons, gears, and equipment for use by your expeditions, invasions, and a general life underground will serve to support your underground existence as a whole. Your underground civilization will prosper and grow if you use available research and upgrades.

Underworld The Shelter 5
Underworld The Shelter 5

Continually expanding and developing products during the war

Generically modified viruses have spawned an unimaginable number of monsters. One or two days won’t suffice. Your bases are constantly under attack and they constantly appear to spread the infection from person to person. It’s impossible for you and your people to do anything in Underworld: The Shelter because of their terror. Providing enough food for everyone requires many production buildings.

Underworld The Shelter 6
Underworld The Shelter 6

Ensure the well-being of the residents you manage

The built-in management system offers you full control over the residents within your underground base. You can rename and customize any residents here. It is important to give them some tasks to accomplish as part of helping you collect resources, build your community, and so on. The more level you give your residents, the more skills they’ll be able to unlock, which helps them succeed at the quests much faster. You can increase your residents’ performance and stats, if needed, by equipping items and boosters.

Underworld The Shelter 8
Underworld The Shelter 8


Additionally, Android gamers can enjoy brilliant in-game visuals in Underworld: The Shelter, which enhances the simulation experience in underground shelters. This exciting game features fun cartoonish graphics, exciting animations, and awesome visual effects. Additionally, the undemanding 2D graphics will allow you to be able to enjoy a smooth gameplay experience of Underworld: The Shelter on all your Android devices even if they run an older operating system.

Underworld The Shelter 9
Underworld The Shelter 9

Whats New

* Improved game environment

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