Beat Blade MOD APK 3.8.0 (Unlimited Money,Coins,Unlocked)

Name Beat Blade: Dash Dance Beat Blade: Dash Dance is the most famous version in the Beat Blade: Dash Dance series of publisher BattleCry HQ Studio
Publisher BattleCry HQ Studio
Genre Music
Size 122.11 MB
Version 3.8.0
Total installs 10,000,000+
Update Nov 14, 2022
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Android Android Music
4.1 ( 563 ratings )
Price: $0

VR headsets are always popular with rhythm games. Since they can be challenging to play if you aren’t a veteran, many people see them as difficult. By allowing the user to experience the songs exclusively on a smartphone, Beat Blade is able to change your mind about the selection of songs.

Although this site has a few ads, it is compensated with stunning graphics. A lot of new fun songs will be added often to the game with intuitive controls. It might seem funny to you if I told you that you’re playing Beat Blade while you’re playing a musical instrument. There is no commitment or commitment required to play this free rhythm game.

Beat Blade Dash Dance 1
Beat Blade Dash Dance 1

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:

The World of Music: Accompanying The Swordsman

A swordsman will move in a musical world in Beat Blade: Dash Dance. With many hot tracks playing, and the player trying to reach the end of each level, it brings entertainment to the player. When experiencing this game, players can also expect to be faced with a lot of challenges and have a lot of experiences. Furthermore, objects of all kinds can be controlled easily.

You can find some similarities to music games when you approach the gameplay. Furthermore, you will be able to control a swordsman and, at the same time, aim at the targets in front of you to earn more points. As a result, the swordsman will constantly run forward. The character will move automatically as you swipe left or right.

Beat Blade Dash Dance 2
Beat Blade Dash Dance 2


Its sole objective is pretty straightforward, as it is with most rhythm games. Using the slicing or slashing tool, you can slice or slash any icon appearing on the screen. Since your characters will always run, we can move the characters from side to side, blocking the icons right as soon as they appear in the game. So we can move the character from side to side, blocking the icons right from the start.

It should be noted that the larger the combo becomes the more icons you hit without missing one. Faster meter building, of course. Besides that, you must also keep an eye out for some obstacles ahead, and once you’ve encountered them, you will be able to finish the run. Keep moving by watching an advertisement as this happens.

You can also unlock more songs with the coins you earn, and you’ll receive various blades depending on what type you make. Different songs also have different levels of difficulty – easy, medium, hard, expert, and insane. The more energy you have, and the more songs you can play through each day, the better off you will be.

Beat Blade Dash Dance 3
Beat Blade Dash Dance 3

Completing the level well and getting a high score is important

Beat Blade: Dash Dance features colored square blocks that appear constantly as you control the character. Points will be gained by slashing these squares. Nevertheless, its number is quite large, so to get the best results for the level, you will not give up any elements regardless of how large they may be. Each time a swordsman lashes the squares fast and especially when stacked squares are displayed, you will feel attracted.

As you advance, you will attempt to achieve shuttles above progress bars. There is an overflowing progress bar on the right side of the screen that will continue to fill until the diamond is light up depending on how many squares you slash during the game. The player can think of that as an achievement, and it shows how much progress has been made on the screen. It is important to be aware of the danger elements of the level if you fail.

The squares often have different shapes from the ones you need to cut due to the many dangerous elements that appear simultaneously. In order to keep from sticking to them, you will have to move between the crevices you find and avoid touching them. Additionally, the number of obstacles also appears densely based on the degree of challenge of the game screen, and this is what causes players to fail at higher levels of challenge.

Beat Blade Dash Dance 4
Beat Blade Dash Dance 4

To play alongside your favorite hit songs, we have tons of them

In the following section, we will discuss the music selection. A selection of the biggest songs from the past decade accompany Beat Blade. The genres and styles of these works are diverse and range from classical to contemporary. There are several styles of music such as Hip Hop, EDM, KPop, Piano, House, etc. There are always a few songs catching everyone’s attention.

Beat Blade Dash Dance 5
Beat Blade Dash Dance 5

There are many excellent songs that you shouldn’t miss

Players will feel excited when they discover the variety of songs available in Beat Blade: Dash Dance. As you progress, you will unlock more and more songs. It is also worth mentioning that there are also different levels of difficulty that you can choose from such as easy, medium, hard, etc. To complete the level successfully, players will need to improve their speed and reflexes.

Trying to collect the swordsman’s weapons is an interesting point. There are several weapon models that you can unlock for him in the game, all of them with different designs that follow the katana as his base weapon. As a swordsman, players can slash many different squares with a new weapon and transform into a different kind of player. Neon effects are also a feature of some weapons.

Beat Blade Dash Dance 6
Beat Blade Dash Dance 6


Graphically impressive and addictive, Beat Blade has a lot to offer. Game characters are sure to enchant you with their unique design. It is also possible that some intricate work needs to be done on the other textures.

It’s sometimes difficult to see where to move your character when white and colored boxes mix up. If the lag when moving the character and custom songs are fixed, this game could be a badass rhythm game.

Whats New

-New songs arrive!! Don't hesitate to get them from the lucky draw.
-New blade from fan-art added to the game, another great creative from our player! The fan-art event is continuing in our official discord, go check it out!
-More bug fixes from previous versions.

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