Maximus 2 MOD APK v3.2 (Unlimited Money,High HP Regen)

Name Maximus 2: Fantasy Beat-Em-Up Maximus 2: Fantasy Beat-Em-Up is the most famous version in the Maximus 2: Fantasy Beat-Em-Up series of publisher Four Fats Limited
Publisher Four Fats Limited
Genre Action
Size 179.47 MB
Version 3.2
Total installs 500,000+
Update 2022/12/3
MOD Unlimited Money,High HP Regen
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Android Android Action
4.6 ( 302 ratings )
Price: $0

As you embark on your epic journey into the in-game worlds of Maximus 2, you’ll join the heroes of Maximus 2. As you collect your many cool weapons and join the heroes on their amazing adventures, you can enjoy the addictive and enjoyable side-scrolling action gameplay from Four Fats Limited.

With Maximus 2, you can enjoy endless adventures with other gamers in a thrilling multiplayer experience. You will be able to take down monsters and enjoy this addictive action game on the move when you are playing by yourself or with a friend. With fast-paced action and endless challenges, you’ll be able to play your classic beat-em-up action game with no problems. Side-scrolling action always keeps it simple.

In this comprehensive review, our experts will show you all of the amazing features that Maximus 2 has to offer in order to help you make the right decision.

Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 1
Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 1

Maximus 2: Fantasy Beat-Em-Up Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:

Defeat enemies who threaten the kingdom

A hero must defend the kingdom against enemies in Maximus 2. In the first level, you must rescue the player and destroy enemies on a road that has been destroyed by the enemy. As well as the straightforward control mechanics, this game offers a beat-’em-up experience that makes it easy for you to enjoy the fun that this game offers.

An ever-present monster will try to destroy the players in a 2D environment. You can go to another target while seeing its HP bar. In the video game environment, the player has a lot of freedom of movement in terms of bouncing up and down and left to right as they like to dodge enemies and choose when to counterattack at the precise moment. The game’s basics will surely be clear to you very quickly.

Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 2
Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 2

Customizable touch controls

Using intuitive touch controls, gamers will be able to enjoy Maximus 2’s exciting gameplay right away. Use the intuitive touch controls and swift movements to work on controlling the heroes on the 2D side-scrolling map.

To make the game even more enjoyable for those of you with an interest in it, Maximus 2 can now be freely adjusted to allow you to play the game with your own preferred joystick style. To freely navigate your character, you can use either floats, dots, or fixed joysticks. With normal and inverted controls, the different button layouts can be adjusted easily. Furthermore, you can always use your external controllers to control the game in Maximus 2, which is compatible with all your external gamepads.

Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 3
Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 3

Start the battle with your chosen heroes

Selecting a suitable hero is the first step in Maximus 2. Penrose holds an ax, Julius holds a shield and sword, and others hold different characteristics and shapes. You also get a view of what their appearance is like and what weapons they are carrying. Therefore, you can choose easily which hero class you would like to use based on the characteristics you see on their appearance and weapons. Character abilities will be revealed as you progress.

A random number of opponents will face you once you make your choice. It is important to strike from a good position and not to be surrounded by other enemies while you are attempting to attack. You certainly don’t want enemies interrupting your character’s attack capability, as it usually occurs continuously. When you are facing enemies, you must be cautious.

There are many enemies to face when playing a fantasy game. Players are forced to adapt to the way that each type of opponent attacks and causes discomfort, as they will be forced to attack in a certain way. Usually at the end of each level, there will be a boss with a higher stamina bar. A monster with a jump mechanism is different from a regular monster with an attack mechanism.

Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 4
Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 4

Side-scrolling action that is dynamic and engaging

You can enjoy a variety of battles with Maxmus 2’s fast-paced in-game action. Play endless brawls as you advance your heroes while defending the fortress from enemy onslaughts. It’s clear that Maximus 2 gamers will always find themselves enjoying the game to the fullest of their abilities as they will find different enemies having their own mechanics and escalating powers to combat.

Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 5
Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 5


Maximus 2 features a variety of attacks for the character you control. With normal attacks and special attacks, you can easily damage your opponents. As compared with the first type of attack, the second type will be less frequent with which you can use it, but it will have a more significant effect on the opponent. Additionally, new skills are represented by new buttons.

Leveling up unlocks new skills and improves the character’s abilities. Depending on the type of skill you opt for, it can either come with a passive attack or it can come as an active attack which can be activated at any time. The wrath attack can also target nearby monsters and hit them multiple times. To learn more details and use the newly acquired equipment, be sure to check out the character’s basic information.

Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 6
Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 6

Stories with incredible storylines will capture your attention

Maximus 2 gamers will never be bored with its engaging storyline and captivating gameplay. Furthermore, each action is a complete shot, so gamers will always be immersed in the action. Whether it be part of his adventures or ours in Maximus 2, you will have no trouble taking part in role-playing as one of your favorite heroes.

With varying weapons and abilities, different heroes

Gamers will enjoy playing Maximus 2 because of the wide range of weapons and abilities. You can select the tank, wrestler, magician, outlaw, healer, ninja, and many other characters, each with their own set of skills and abilities, allowing you to adapt the game’s mechanics to your preference.

Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 8
Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 8


Maximus 2 brings the heroes’ epic adventures to life with its cartoon graphics and beautiful illustrations. Enjoy awesome visual effects, cool animations, and exciting battles. The additional feature of Maximus 2 is that it offers Android gamers the ability to customize their graphics settings, so they can always enjoy the game in the way they prefer. Enjoy high-quality graphics and frames with optimized graphics quality. Save your battery by reducing system usage. You are the one who will have to make the choices.

Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 7
Maximus 2 Fantasy Beat Em Up 7

Whats New

5 Stages that take place after Balor's Lair
Also, the 8th hero, Leratte will be coming December 10

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