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Name FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape is the most famous version in the FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape series of publisher Zynga
Publisher Zynga
Genre Games
Size 138.32 MB
Version 1.149.206
Total installs 10,000,000+
Update 2022/12/4
MOD Free Purchase
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Android Android Games
4.2 ( 307 ratings )
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In FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape, you’ll experience the lush tropics on your next nature retreat. You can engage in a wide variety of activities around these stunning islands.

In this game, you will manage your own inn, create new attractions so that visitors can earn more money, enjoy interesting farming activities and become one with the island nature when you embark on epic adventures along with the many interesting characters who live on the island. Farmville is about to become a whole new experience.

Our reviews explain how this game works.

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 1
FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 1

FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


Taking you to a tropical island with fresh air, FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape enables you to introduce animals and green plants to your farm. As a farmer on this island, you will own a huge farm so you can enjoy everything.

If possible, arrange the farm items correctly, and redecorate it with a new look. Do not forget to do this. Additionally, the farm should be planned so that visitors will always enjoy the style of the farm. Replant trees and raise animals to harvest more products. As well as creating unique drinks, you can also offer your customers a variety of drink recipes for them to choose from.

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 2
FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 2

Enjoy a tropical getaway

There will be a lot to discover on Tropical Islands for the first time for Farmville fans. Learn about the interesting stories around your island life and enjoy the charm of the stunning islands.

You will have the chance to farm exotic tropical crops that are exclusive to the game. You will also discover exotic animals on the islands that are exclusive to the game. Explore a tropical paradise and run your own inn. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy fascinating stories as you explore the mysterious islands.

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 3
FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 3

Explore the island’s hidden secrets

Although the island is a paradise resort, there are also mysteries to decipher. In the first levels, you will find intriguing stories about this island and secrets to keep you intrigued. As soon as you arrive in this beautiful town, you will be welcomed with a wealth of exciting places to explore, which will be the beginning of your mission. Your journey will include mysterious locations like effervescent volcanoes, ancient monkey temples, and more, plus you’ll have to hunt for every trace of the treasures to find out where they are hidden. Wherever.

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 4
FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 4

Your journey will be made more interesting by meeting interesting characters

Aside from your journey through the islands, gamers in Farmville 2 Tropic Escape will also be able to meet some of the most interesting in-game characters with their own unique personalities and stories. The islands’ secrets will be revealed to you by them. Besides that, there are also some special events you can unlock as well as missions you can perform with different characters who join the game.

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 5
FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 5


You can start a business, grow crops, and raise livestock in FarmVille 2 MOD APK: Tropic Escape, which allows you to develop all your tourism abilities. Support customers first. It can be said that you have a pretty big advantage since this island boasts a poetic landscape and is particularly suitable for relaxation, so it is only a matter of decorating and finishing everything in order to make it even more wonderful and better.

Moreover, you can begin working at tourist destinations in the game. More and more guests will visit this island once the tourist centers open. You should therefore attempt to develop facilities to serve them, as well as to provide them with new services, including opening additional hotels, sushi stands, artisan workshops, and more in order to serve them better. In order to keep the task from becoming too complicated, you can also hire more guides.

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 6
FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 6

With adorable animals in nature, discover the beauty of the world

Aside from that, the islands also have many fascinating habitats that allow a variety of interesting and adorable animals to live there. Take care of the wildlife habitats of your animals by building up your own Wildlife Center. In addition to this, if you own a wildlife rescue center, you can also protect endangered species which can also be built as a nature preserve center. Take photos for devote visitors and earn some rewards.

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 7
FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 7


A lot of wildlife will be attracted to this island since it has everything you might need, including food. You need to build a significant rest and feeding area for the animals and guests to ensure their safety. Furthermore, you can collect more rare animals to attract tourists and let them admire them in a comfortable manner, so keep in mind that the more visitors you have, the higher the income you will receive. To welcome them thoughtfully, you need to clean everything so that guests can interact with wild animals and take pictures.

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 8
FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 8

Make your guests’ stay as enjoyable as possible by adding amenities and attractions

You can also create your own tropical paradise alongside discovering and enjoying nature in exciting inn management games.

Build a new attraction and construct new amenities for your guests to attract customers to your inn. The best way to enjoy your trip to the fullest is by combining breathtaking cruise ships, beautiful beaches, amazing spas and resorts, and having fun in fun bars or tasting incredible tropical foods in amazing restaurants with the best cruise ships. This paradise on earth offers you the chance to earn money while you live the life of your dreams.

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 9
FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape 9

Create your dream island by decorating and designing it accordingly

Also, if you wish, you may also decorate your beautiful gardens or field the islands with beautiful arts to further customize your islands. Create breathtaking islands using your imagination.

Earn special rewards by completing missions and challenges

Additionally, players can participate in exciting missions and challenges to make Farmville Tropic Escape even more enjoyable and rewarding. Collect special rewards as you explore the stunning islands. It is possible to relax and enjoy Farmville even though it comes with challenges as well.


The incredible paradise you’ve always dreamed of awaits Android gamers in Farmville Tropic Escape, featuring stunning 3D graphics and breathtaking environments. I must say though, the tropical islands are absolutely gorgeous with their well-rendered environments, adorable animals, and interesting characters. It will feel as if you are living in a tropical paradise all by yourself when you play the game.

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