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Name Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG is the most famous version in the Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG series of publisher Zynga
Publisher Zynga
Genre Games
Size 112.86 MB
Version 53.0.0
Total installs 50,000,000+
Update 2022/12/8
MOD Unlimited Money
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Android Android Games
4.1 ( 872 ratings )
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The exciting gameplay of puzzle RPG Empires & Puzzles will immerse you in a fantasy world. With your awesome element powers, challenge the enemies with a variety of interesting in-game elements. As you advance in the storyline, you will have the opportunity to take on multiple match-three levels and solve classic puzzles. Play strategy army building and city building simultaneously. In addition, Android gamers will be thrilled by Empires & Puzzles’ exciting online gameplay. In order to defeat these evil enemies threatening to destroy our world as we know it, you may now join forces with them and try to defeat them. Our in-depth reviews reveal more about Small Giant Games’ interesting game.

Empires Puzzles Match 3 RPG 1
Empires Puzzles Match 3 RPG 1

Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


Players collaborate with different heroes as they take on monsters in Empires & Puzzles. There are two sides in this turn-based battle, and the players’ goal is to survive and defeat the monsters. While the players are playing, they will have an opportunity to take part in the battle alongside other heroes and use their abilities in a tactical manner to finish the level. Match-three will include attacks and matches.

Players do not encounter too much difficulty playing this game due to the close relationship between attacks and match-three mechanisms. The player will also be accompanied by five warriors who have been painted with the colors of the match elements inside the frame within the game, and he will need to find a way to deal with the most number of attacks that are coming at him. The game is therefore challenging yet fun at the same time.

Empires Puzzles Match 3 RPG 2
Empires Puzzles Match 3 RPG 2

Puzzles involving match-threes that are interesting

Initially, Android gamers will be able to create their own match-three battles with different settings and difficulties when playing Empires & Puzzles. In awesome battles, use the gems to defeat multiple enemies. To guarantee that you will enjoy the game no matter how challenging the levels become, you will have to take on multiple levels.

Empires Puzzles Match 3 RPG 3
Empires Puzzles Match 3 RPG 3


A match-three mechanism can be quickly implemented in Empires & Puzzles since the player will create a combination with the same elements, and as soon as the process is complete, the match elements will modify. After turning into warrior armies, they will attack the enemy continuously, and then the enemy will attack them. In the meantime, players also need to create strong match combos in order to deal heavy damage to their characters, since the strength of the enemies can completely destroy them.

The purpose of boosters in the game is to allow players to launch multiple attacks at once during a match. Many elements are combined in interesting ways to make these boosters. A player can create a lightening explosion, a firework, or a disappearance of an element, based on the color choice he wishes. Then, the players’ rate of winning will increase.

The mana bars of heroes will increase when players attack with different colors. When given enough control, the portraits of the characters will glow as soon as the energy bar increases. Thereafter, players will be able to interact with the characters and see the powerful attack effects they perform on enemies, as well as the diversity of special abilities they have for each character.

Empires Puzzles Match 3 RPG 4
Empires Puzzles Match 3 RPG 4

Exploring the world in amazing ways

The Android version of Empires & Puzzles offers gamers the opportunity to explore worlds across the series, adding to the interesting gameplay. Gamers can enjoy awesome battles on multiple realms in the game. Take a look at each world’s captivating storyline to discover what makes it unique. You will never find this game boring as it offers a unique and equally addictive experience.

Empires Puzzles Match 3 RPG 5
Empires Puzzles Match 3 RPG 5

To make your empire stronger, upgrade multiple times

Gamer can upgrade their in-game elements to gain a better advantage over the Dark Lord’s armies to advance further in the game. There are several options available for upgrading these in-game elements. Make your troops more durable by leveling them up. To maximize the effectiveness of the heroes during the battle, they need to be upgraded. You can get better resources by upgrading your castle and buildings. More.

Heroes of different powers are available to players in Empires & Puzzles. Depending on the case, any player wishes to create powerful squads. While changing tactics is always a necessary element to be able to fight stronger enemies, it is especially important to follow the power mechanism and counter system that are in the game in order to be successful.

Each color of counters in this game has its own attributes, making it very easy to differentiate one color from another. Levels express each attribute’s strength or weakness against particular enemies, and they follow a pattern. The players can then create a squad by selecting the attributes they wish to include in the squad or create a squad that includes all the attributes

Empires Puzzles Match 3 RPG 6
Empires Puzzles Match 3 RPG 6


Enjoy the stunning and powerful visuals of Empires & Puzzles. With impressive visual effects and awesome skills, you will have fun with epic battles against the armies of the dark. The visuals in the game are also impressive as you can see from the above list, all of which make the game look great.

Whats New

Defend your Empire with new exciting features:

∙ Get ready to embark on an epic journey to Monster Island with your Alliance!
∙ Santa's just around the corner — make sure your Stronghold's prepared for snow!
∙ All for one and one for all: meet the Musketeers in Alliance Quest 2!
∙ Various improvements and bug fixes

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