Westland Survival: Cowboy Game MOD APK 4.3.0 (Free Craft,Unlimited Resources)

Name Westland Survival: Cowboy Game Westland Survival: Cowboy Game is the most famous version in the Westland Survival: Cowboy Game series of publisher Helio Games
Publisher Helio Games
Genre Adventure
Size 258 MB
Version 4.3.0
Total installs 10,000,000+
Update 2022/12/12
MOD Free Craft,Unlimited Resources
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Android Android Adventure
4.2 ( 144 ratings )
Price: $0

Looking for an exciting adventure game on your mobile device? Enjoy a challenging survival game, but isn’t the zombie apocalypse scenario getting old? Then you’ll love Westland Survival, an amazing mobile game that lets you explore and experience the wonderful Wild West.
Enjoy the game in the wild and opportunistic area of ​​Westland, where you can explore vast landscapes and solve your fun survival puzzles. Experience a breathtaking yet harsh terrain full of dangers and ruthless enemies. Make the sacrifices necessary to survive the challenging terrain of Westland Survival. Find out more about this amazing mobile game from Helio Games with our review.

Westland Survival Cowboy Game 1
Westland Survival Cowboy Game 1

Westland Survival: Cowboy Game Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


Dangers in the wild west come from bands of bandits, tribes and wild animals. Westland Survival also hopes to emphasize and express this to players through its vast and resource-rich unexplored territories. Different levels are automatically generated for each different area of ​​the map, and resources are randomly distributed according to each level, while introducing a wild west atmosphere.

Westland Survival Cowboy Game 2
Westland Survival Cowboy Game 2

Enjoy the captivating and fun survival gameplay

Android players will initially have access to a fun and entertaining survival game with deep RPG components and exciting top-down campaigns reminiscent of typical Grim Soul encounters. Having said that, it will be quite easy for you to immerse yourself in the story and enjoy the game. Win games, defeat your opponents and improve your chances of survival in the haunted wild west.

Westland Survival Cowboy Game 3
Westland Survival Cowboy Game 3

large-scale survival game online

In the game, you will search many places in the wild west to find ores and other materials that you can use to create items and open new areas. You’ll be able to craft things you use, including clothing, household items, and more. As you travel the land, you will encounter all kinds of dangers, but no one is more dangerous than the other players! Make sure you are prepared for all these risks, because someone can rob you, kill you for fun, or otherwise abuse you.
The game’s mesmerizing console-level graphics definitely add to the fun of the game. The fact that you actually feel like you’re playing makes hours of gaming even more fun.

Westland Survival Cowboy Game 4
Westland Survival Cowboy Game 4

To survive in the Wild West, construct your own home and ranch

Westland Survival players will find they have a fun survival simulation at their disposal as they immerse themselves in the ultimate survival puzzle game. First, build a shelter to protect yourself from opportunistic thieves and hungry predators. Use the plans provided to create your own shelter and feel free to give it any style you choose.

Once you collect enough resources, you can start building your ranch in the wild west and start an exciting sim action. Once you’re on a ranch, you can use it to grow crops and get unique resources.

Westland Survival Cowboy Game 5
Westland Survival Cowboy Game 5


The game’s top-down perspective puts the user in control of the character, while the interaction and fluid action keep the survival aspect alive. When hunting animals, players can use various traps, sneak attacks, and stealth maneuvers to deal more damage. The weapon system also automatically targets the nearest target, enhancing the player’s overall gaming experience.

Westland Survival Cowboy Game 6
Westland Survival Cowboy Game 6

Safeguard your home

You will quickly discover that stealing resources from other players is a very practical way to increase your supply. Your place of residence will be selected because it is clear that other players know it too. Be sure to invest time and money to build strong walls and protect your home. Also, pay attention to the fact that your belongings are not stolen!

Westland Survival Cowboy Game 7
Westland Survival Cowboy Game 7

Combat gangsters and other criminals

You are not alone in the harsh wilderness of Westland survival despite the hostile environment and dangerous creatures. So you will fight evil criminals and outlaws in the wild west. Take on enemies and saboteurs on all fronts as they try to exploit your camp, take your treasure, and possibly even stop your mission. So always be prepared when it comes to securing your camp with guns and weapons and go hunting.

Westland Survival Cowboy Game
Westland Survival Cowboy Game


The cornerstone of survival or development will be the player’s base, and Westland Survival will debut a complex and in-depth crafting system. Over time, players can move or expand platforms to create new opportunities, as well as upgrade structures with better resources. Of course, they also need to build farms and unique places to create or improve their standard of living.

Customize your

How great is it to customize your character’s appearance, clothing, tools and style to your liking? There are no laws or regulations to follow. Create your strong, heroic cowboy look with this WESTLAND SURVIVAL MOD APK by choosing the best face shape, hairstyle, beard, skin tone, hair color and clothing style. You can put on American and Indian clothes and use these tools very skillfully in doing business. Make them look stupid, even change your identity if you need to save yourself. If you keep changing your identity, no one will be able to find out who is responsible for your rival’s death.

There are hundreds of fun quests to finish

Westland Survival players can also enjoy an amazing gaming experience with hundreds of exciting missions as well as an exciting survival game. Solve these difficulties as you progress through the story and enjoy the game’s many challenges. Complete the task to earn the promised reward and maybe some additional rewards.


The game encourages players to use its crafting system to their advantage to survive in this lawless west. In order to create more powerful weapons, equipment, accessories, etc. to better survive in the wilderness, they always need to design, process and shape all the raw materials into finished products. In addition, content in the crafting system is unlocked as players level up, giving them access to higher-level items.


Players can invite pals and create joint bases with them for a better existence if they become weary of having to survive alone. Additionally, they can aid one another in several hazardous situations and acquire all the materials needed for creating or enhancing quality of life. For players to immerse themselves in exhilaration and refreshment, surviving with companions in the wild west is, in short, always unending pleasure.

Although Westland Survival is all about the American West, the content and pace of the game is varied. The highest caliber visuals with colorful effects and a recognizable atmosphere really bring the game to life. Players can not only have fun with friends, but also survive while exploring the mysterious and exciting wild west.


With a strong and beautiful aesthetic, Westland Survival players will undoubtedly enjoy their great gaming experience. Your western adventures will be more entertaining and exciting with stunning visuals, realistic environments and intricate map designs. Thanks to the excellent graphics settings of the game, you can always enjoy a smooth and pleasant experience on most Android devices.

Whats New

Celebrating Thanksgiving and Black Friday!
— Battle Pass Event — This Thanksgiving season there is a whole brand new event at Westland! How far will YOU go?
— Black Friday Chain Offer — Very special deals for the special Friday of the year!
— Some fixes and improvements for better game experience.

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