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Name Stretch Guy Stretch Guy is the most famous version in the Stretch Guy series of publisher Yso Corp
Publisher Yso Corp
Genre Games
Size 85.73 MB
Version 0.7.2
Total installs 50,000,000+
Update 2022/12/7
MOD ALL Unlocked
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Android Android Games
2.6 ( 350 ratings )
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If you are looking for a game to keep you entertained, Stretch Guy is the one for you. Simplicity is key. Using the character’s arms and legs in order to “stretch”, the player does his best to avoid obstacles while completing the levels.

Gameplay is fun and exciting in Stretch Guy. Game developer Yso Corp. An attractive guy is the main character of the game. There was a challenging route home for him, but he wanted to go home. Arms and legs have to be used as “lengths”. Sticky arms and legs for the character. Thus, in order for the player to effectively control the character, the player should make appropriate moves. A character will break if its limbs are stretched too far.

Stretch Guy 1
Stretch Guy 1

Stretch Guy Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:

Create legends to move the characters around

Players begin a new world with Stretch Guy, where hundreds of challenges await. This guy character needs to be controlled and pushed slowly inside a narrow wall by stretching its arms or legs. As the title suggests, the main character is a rubber-bodied dummy who has sucker attachments on both his arms and legs that allow him to stick to walls, assisting him in his mission.

Stretch Guy 2
Stretch Guy 2

Take control of your hands and have fun

A puzzle game called Stretch Guy can be found here. During each challenge, the player must climb the wall and dodge obstacles. The only way to climb is by straightening the arms and legs of your character. The stress of each impact must be calculated if you want to overcome the challenge. Characters will break if their limbs are pushed too far.

There is nothing more fun than playing Stretch Guy. A variety of genres are represented in the game. An adventure, puzzle, casual, and simulation game is combined in this game. Playing this game brings joy to everyone. The Stretch Guy will appeal to intellectuals as well as anyone who enjoys the intellectual genre.

One of the mobile games that you can play on your device is Stretch Guy. Think differently with the game. In order to complete the puzzles, the player must utilize their maximum IQ, which plays a big role in promoting brain activity. Fun and relaxation can be found in the game for hours on end.

Stretch Guy 3
Stretch Guy 3


A complex game becomes more challenging as you progress through the levels. To move to the desired position, players must control a stretchy guy, and watch out for his face. You will see Stretch Guy appear in three primary colors: blue for good status, yellow for the player near a dangerous area, and red for you to rethink your strategy for completing the challenge if things go wrong.

Stretch Guy 4
Stretch Guy 4

Despite its simplicity and attractiveness, the gameplay is engaging

On mobile devices, players can choose from a variety of puzzles in Stretch Guy. There is something unique about each puzzle. As a result of the multitude of special features that the game offers, it stands out from the rest. You must think carefully about every move in this game due to the many exciting puzzles that you must solve.

It’s easy to play Stretch Guy. There is a lot of variety and excitement throughout each level, however. The right decisions can be made by players with concentration. Every wall has to be climbed by the character with your assistance. A knife and trap are among the challenges each level offers. The color of a character’s face is one of the most important things to pay attention to. The blue color symbolizes a healthy environment. Danger zone is yellow. In the case of Red, you will be at risk of failing on your next move since it represents a hazardous level.

There are no complex requirements for this game. Every level requires you to move a stickman’s head towards a smiley face. Solve puzzles using his arms and legs. It requires you to think carefully about every “drag” action that you take, and the game has realistic physics. In order to solve all the puzzles, you must stretch your character’s arms and legs.

Stretch Guy 5
Stretch Guy 5


By staying away from the saw blades, players can deal with each level’s obstacles. The game ends when you touch the saw. Furthermore, the main character is made out of rubber, which means that if you get hit by a bullet, only the excess limbs will be destroyed instead of your life.

All players will benefit from this body-stretching game. Players cannot escape the game’s captivating gameplay.

Stretch Guy 6
Stretch Guy 6

3D graphics

A lot of levels are available in Stretch Guy. It will vary according to the level. In the first level, you only need to move your character lightly, and the first levels are manageable. However, there are formidable challenges at the highest levels. Levers, tools, and fixtures will be used in many combinations. There are a number of checkpoint tasks that you will have to carry out, such as: opening doors, removing obstacles, and avoiding traps.

Every level will have a gradually increasing difficulty. Classes are addictive because of their challenges. Missions are a challenge.

There are a number of 3D graphics available on Stretch Guy’s website. The character’s limbs and obstacles are shown to players in great detail. Each challenge is easily manipulated by the intuitive control system. It is possible to drag the character into the position of your choosing by touching the arm and leg of the character. Changing a character’s part is as simple as executing a few simple operations.

There is nothing better than stretching with Stretch Guy. Great sound, 3D graphics, and simple gameplay make this game great. There is something exciting about each level. The gameplay will keep players entertained for a long time.

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