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Name Gangs Town Story Gangs Town Story is the most famous version in the Gangs Town Story series of publisher Avega Games
Publisher Avega Games
Genre Action
Size 14.38 MB
Total installs 5,000,000+
Update 2022/12/7
MOD Free Purchase,Unlimited Money
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Android Android Action
4.5 ( 388 ratings )
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The open world action game style of Gangs Town Story is infused with golden elements. This is a true gangster game set in sin city. There is no limit to how insane you can act, and you can run your world as you see fit. The mafia will take over you and you will become their leader. A lot of GTA legend influences “Car Parking Multiplayer”. There are, however, many interesting details in this game that makes it a unique storyline. Action is incredibly engaging in this game, with many great mechanics.

During “Gangs Town Story”, you will have many responsibilities to deal with. Being the head of the mafia and the leader of Gang Town is not easy. It gives you a true sense of what it is like to live in a world of gangsters. It has always been difficult to survive in the underworld. To win the great war, you must start small and become an actual leader. In this game, you will find a fascinating world full of mafias and a vast city. There are many exciting puzzles to solve, hostile gangs to destroy, powerful skirmishes to engage in, and hostile gangs to destroy. Explore an open world as you battle to become the mafia’s leader. Game features include shooting, racing, fighting, gangsters, thieves and corrupt police, and other eye-catching actions. Getting through the various levels in Gangs Town Story will take a lot of time, so that is definitely the best choice for anyone who loves the GTA.

Gangs Town Story 1
Gangs Town Story 1

Gangs Town Story Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


In order to fight for Empire City territory, you must create the most powerful corporation. Call your teammates when you click Gangs Town Story. Using social networks as an avenue for recruiting more friends or friends of your friends, you can now share your army with them. As a mafia boss, you can dominate the kingdom, attack everything in it, and be a mafia boss once you gather many strong teammates.

Gangs Town Story 2
Gangs Town Story 2

Discover the criminal world of the Great Gangster War

This open world game features gangs, thieves, and the police of Gangs Town. Skyscrapers and criminal lives are two things you can enjoy. The objective is to complete all goals by participating in gang wars, stealing cars, and fighting the police. In order to become the head of the mafia, you must conquer the neighborhoods. Beautiful and vast is the game world. This open city will let you take full advantage of the gangster world that is in our history, and you will explore everything it has to offer. A large number of action missions await you in this game, and you will be able to complete a lot of content in it. Whenever the police or gangs come knocking on your door, you’re ready to fight. The vast open world is yours to drive in a frantic whirlwind. Rather than acting like the powerful mafia, you treat your enemies and the people you are dealing with as your own rights. As a result of your bravery, the police are unable to harm the gang. In order to win future crime wars, you get useful resources after fighting or questing.

Gangs Town Story 3
Gangs Town Story 3


There are a lot of exciting events to participate in at Gangs Town Story, along with rewards like weapons upgrades, damage increases…

Various events will take place every week in this world. You will be able to select hundreds of weapons already within the device when participating in combat, such as guns, swords, armed vehicles, etc. A number of advanced weapons have been developed to take down the enemy. Moreover, you will be able to fight many opponents and defeat bosses to gain many rewards.

Gangs Town Story 4
Gangs Town Story 4


A true gangster story is told in Gangs Town Story. It’s great to discover so much. Using hundreds of powerful pistols, and controlling many types of vehicles is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy Car Parking Multiplayer. A gangster of your own style can be created as you explore your awesome personal arsenal. The crime streets are full of challenges and respect for you. There are a variety of guns in the game, such as sniper rifles, flamethrowers, grenades, among others that provide players with a great deal of power. Many enemies stand in the way of your success. A dirty police force and gangsters must be defeated. Your goal is to create your own power by conquering enemy gang zones. You can grow your own large gang by conquering new lands and making conquests. You can demonstrate your own strengths when your arsenal develops and the territory widens.

You have the most freedom and control in Gangs Town Story. A number of outfits are available to choose from, allowing you to create a unique fashion style. Businessmen mafias or hippies are two ways to make your living. In the game, your character can be customized via a variety of large clothing stores. Clothing can give you superpowers in particular. In order for the mission to be completed successfully, you will need to utilize each special ability of the weapon. Face gangsters and avoid police pursuits.

Gangs Town Story 6
Gangs Town Story 6


It is your responsibility to complete all the tasks assigned to you in Gangs Town Story – the world of the powerful. To steal valuable loot or defeat opponents, take down or fight with acquaintances directly to steal valuable loot or defeat them. Consequently, you will be able to fight many other influential forces to establish your hegemony in the mafia village, becoming a notorious figure in the village.

Gangs Town Story 5
Gangs Town Story 5

Discover the city and experience high-speed racing

“Gangs Town Story” is characterized by high-speed chases, which are particularly interesting. Play “Car Parking Multiplayer” for interesting experiences. With a third perspective used in the game, you get a full view of the action, which makes the game complete. Battles can be fought using an automobile or a tank. Join a powerful gang, or choose your own mafia path. There are many spectacular missions that you can complete using the vehicle of your choice. It’s okay to steal a car during a walk if you get bored. There are many amazing chases and thrilling racing missions that you must take part in. End up winning against the police and gangsters. The tank can even be used for fun in order to defeat powerful police forces with the help of a terrible firepower contained in it. As a hero in an open crime city with a variety of weapons, car-stealing action and police battles, the game helps you to fulfill your dream of becoming a real hero.

Gangs Town Story 7
Gangs Town Story 7


Featuring an open world action game, Gangs Town Story is sure to delight. The underworld king does many crimes. It is easy to play this game due to its intuitive control system. Interacting with objects, attacking, jumping, and interacting with others is simple. There are a lot of similarities between the game and Grand Theft Auto (GTA). The crime world builds up a reputation and you earn money over time if you complete a number of missions so you can advance further up the ladder.

This 3D action game is of the genre of Gangs Town Story. The game’s 3D graphics are impressive, even though it’s for mobile phones. Enjoy gangsters and police fights. To become a mafia boss, you have to go through a lot of interesting things and experience life as a real city gangster.

Gangs Town Story 8
Gangs Town Story 8


Although there are bosses in this game, you only need teammates, weapons, and weapons to fight together. Whether you can fight with other forces or not depends on your experience. I am sure that with a solid and united teammate, you will soon take the lead in the world if you have a solid and united teammate.

It’s the beginning of a lot of modern graphics to make this game a success, so many modern details have been used by the manufacturer to ensure its success. Create a floating space with primary colors. It is always important to have a sense of danger lurking in order to add to the fierce, scary feel of the story. Make the game feel immersive for players.

Whats New

▶️ Incredibly interesting update. Install the game right now to become the head of the mafia.

-Added new activity to the starting district
-Fixed bugs

▶️ Play the best you can. Gangster showdowns are waiting for you!

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