Dawn of Zombies MOD APK v2.182 [Free Craft]

Name Dawn of Zombies: Survival Dawn of Zombies: Survival is the most famous version in the Dawn of Zombies: Survival series of publisher Royal Ark
Publisher Royal Ark
Genre Action
Size 1.6G
Version 2.182
Update 2022/10/6
MOD Free Craft, Freeze Enemy
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Android Android Action
4.3 ( 691 ratings )
Price: $0

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Dawn in Zombies: Players have to work hard at the dawn of survival, threatening the danger of the game. Only a few people escaped from the Earth’s disaster, causing countless people to die. But the biggest threat to players may be survivable diseases, radiation, and especially zombies. Players will experience a survival realm in the game that will make them appreciate life more.

Dawn of Zombies: Survival Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:

more modern weapons

Players will have access to more than 60 modern weapons, including AK-47, M-16 and Makarov pistols, as they battle zombies. Players have to fight against a huge number of zombies in order to earn money to buy the many advanced weapons. Players can also replenish their bodies with free food at home to repair their bodies after the game. Players should exercise caution during this time as most opponents attack throughout the night.

Surviving in a world of scarcity

Players face greater dangers to gain important resources because they are constantly depleted. Just a little bread is known that individuals fight or even kill each other. Make sure you are not the one lying on the ground.

On this dangerous planet, your energy can be quickly depleted by infection, radiation, hunger and thirst. If you leave your character in a low energy state for a long time, you will not be able to return to base.

Be sure to bring enough food and drink for your adventure, as they can help you re-energize. If you sleep in your base, your energy bar will also be replenished.

realistic graphics

Visual effects and music are the two main components of this amazing game. The user interface of the game is well designed and changes day and night. The zombie survival moments in the game are the same as in the famous zombie movies. Additionally, players can choose to be invisible and hide in the bushes, allowing them to engage opponents without being noticed. Paired with gentle music, the conflict becomes more dramatic.

Explore large maps with lots of visible elements

Players can explore many different regions of global zombies: survival after the last war, spreading across the huge area. Check the distortion area and get invaluable objects. Explore dark deserts and forests in epic battles with wild zombies, bandits or wild animals.

You also have a chance to win big prizes that will randomly appear on the map. Look out for spectacular airdrops, secret treasure chests and more. You can also explore exciting dungeons and experience real action.

More battle locations

Players will battle through different environments to complete tasks such as finding lost treasure or exploring the final areas. Additionally, players can choose to team up with other factions such as the military or scientists to improve their combat and long-term survivability.

More features will be added soon

The developers will introduce Dawn of Zombies: Survival and provide users with many new features. The game will soon introduce a feature that allows players to team up with friends to fight for survival. To participate in guild battles, members can also upgrade their base, making it bigger. The game also makes it harder for players to use spy drones to stop the fight.

Players will learn the secrets of the last nation after the war while playing Zombie Dawn: Survival. In order to survive, the survivors on this planet will kill each other for food. Players will engage in verbal solo or group battles to kill zombies faster. As night falls, players should always choose their weapons carefully as zombies will become more aggressive.

Whats New

— The skill system has been redesigned and improved: New skills have been added, as well as new ways to obtain neuroplasmids to study them.
— Get neuroplasmids in Ark rewards, from the Citadel Military Doctor, and for killing Titan Project specimens.
— New items: Specialist's weapons and armor with unique properties.
— Ability to automatically collect resources using drones.
— Vulnerabilities of all aberrations, as well as Titan Project bosses, have been changed.

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