Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK 9.5.0 [Unlimited Coins And Money]

Name Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark Evolution is the most famous version in the Hungry Shark Evolution series of publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Genre Arcade
Size 127 MB
Version 9.5.0
Update 2022/10/8
MOD Unlimited Coins/Gems
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Android Android Arcade
4.5 ( 310 ratings )
Price: $0

Turn off wifi before entering the game
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It’s dinner time and your hungry shark is about to eat. Explore the ocean by commanding your giant sharks to move and eat everything in their path. As you travel with your beloved shark, you will encounter strange and interesting gameplay. Collect fresh sharks and breed them into powerful creatures. Find out more about this amazing arcade game from Ubisoft Entertainment with our review.

Experience the Realm of the Deep with Hungry Shark Evolution. Deal with your evil, hungry shark and guide it to devour everything in its path. You may even encounter extinct aquatic species on this strange and exciting underwater journey. There is no weakness and goodness in the great sea. Your shark will starve if you don’t help it in the most extensive sweep.

Hungry Shark Evolution Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


Enjoy moments of peace in Hungry Shark Evolution. Thanks to the incredibly realistic 3D visualization of the game, playing this offline survival game will make you feel like you are thrown into deep water. Scenes previously seen only in movies come to life while traveling.

Wild sharks will swim from the bottom to the surface and even clean floating ships. It also has a rocket that can reach certain levels in the vast universe. Shipwrecks, brilliant eddies or dynamic coral reefs will give the landscape a very authentic look. In addition to the typical sea life, you can also meet extinct animals such as the megalodon and the great white shark.

straightforward controls

Hungry Shark Evolution offers players a comfortable gaming experience where players can easily control their sharks with simple and intuitive controls. Use touch and tilt to help hungry sharks gather food efficiently while avoiding danger. This means that beginners will find the game easy at first.

utilise baby sharks

In this game, baby sharks are like pets. They will accompany you while swimming and help you consume more food. Use them as much as possible. Of course they need money. Most of them require gems, newborn megalodons cost 900 gems and new makos only cost 20 gems. In-game money can also be used to buy baby reef sharks, although this is the only shark you can get without spending gems. Use the baby sharks, but try to avoid getting the music stuck in your brain.

Discover and amass a variety of interesting sharks

You can also collect hundreds of different species of sharks while playing this exciting game. Complete missions and stages to add amazing sharks to your collection. Sometimes you can even meet strange creatures that do not look like sharks.


Hungry Shark Evolution is for offline survival. WiFi is not required to play the game. You can do extra work and watch ads when Wi-Fi is available to earn extra cash and gems. Your mission is to advance the money shark by consuming everything you come across and sometimes even attacking fishing boats. Really not good at all. Don’t worry, it’s just a game.

Mobile mode can be selected by tilting the phone or using the touch screen buttons. Sometimes, the intuitive tilt mode automatically tilts you in the direction of the shark’s movement, which gives a more realistic feel. The experience is worth it. To play in this mode, sit comfortably and avoid sleeping as much as possible. Your phone must also be functionally supported. Warning.

Find strange animals and consume them

Plus, you’ll likely encounter hundreds of other fascinating animals as you explore the vast ocean. Be careful as some of them can be very strong and it can be dangerous for your sharks to approach them. On the other hand, if you’re lucky, you can make a mouth-watering feast for your shark.


Collect as many young sharks as possible to form a dense pack. They will take the missed food around you. You’ll sweep faster and more thoroughly. But you have to pay a lot of diamonds to get them. Eat continuously. Feeding the sharks large amounts will help them grow. Sharks can only help your sharks develop quickly in this way. When the shark is big enough, it will also eat any animals that are too dangerous for you to handle in the early stages. Of course, upgrading sharks also costs money.

Save cash and jewelry to get the Megalodon for yourself. It is the most unusual sea animal. Once you realize this, you start terrorizing everyone and everything around you. If you can’t unlock it yet, use the extra items in the store to cheer up the other sharks so they don’t interfere too much with the hunt.

Amass and outfit your sharks with great gear

Fancy clothing and accessories for your sharks will also increase their power. Equip your shark with powerful weapons like missiles or laser beams and use them to attack your opponents. Use love to protect your shark from enemies. You can even equip your sharks with an airplane so they can soar over land and tear through cities.

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Unleash your viking rage with Sharknarok, the mythological shark! Release lighting storms onto your enemies and summon magical axes to defeat your foes and claim the final victory!

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