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Name Cooking Fest : Cooking Games Cooking Fest : Cooking Games is the most famous version in the Cooking Fest : Cooking Games series of publisher ANDROID PIXELS
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Putting together a good meal is a chef’s daily work. The experience is still valid without doing it. It allows you to experience the cooking experience at your fingertips with Cooking Fest : The Best Restaurant and Cooking Games. A luxurious restaurant or a seafood restaurant at sea will serve the meal in beautiful surroundings. As well as running restaurants, you can manage a hotel.

Cooking Fest Cooking Games 1
Cooking Fest Cooking Games 1

Cooking Fest : Cooking Games Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:

Become a professional chef in the restaurant

Maintaining the popularity of the restaurant is Cooking Fest’s challenge. Delicious dishes are served to all guests. In spite of this, the running time gauges that are displayed on the screen demonstrate the difficulty of the situation. We are running out of time to serve the guests, and they are not patient. To complete this challenge, players need to move their hands quickly.

When the tables are empty, customers tend to wait longer for their food, so offering them a special deal can usually appease them. There is something magical about food. As a chef, you think about ways to improve the menu and offer customers more delicious dishes. As you level up, the dishes cost more. With more coins in your pocket, you will have a lot more opportunities to make money.

Cooking Fest Cooking Games 2
Cooking Fest Cooking Games 2

Dishes that have stood the test of time

You can play Cooking Fest free on Android devices published and developed by Android Pixels. With plenty of levels and real cooking experience, Cooking Fest is a simulation game. The game has recently been ranked among the best cooking games on the internet as a result of this. Cooking and serving customers are your primary duties. Your restaurants will also be managed and developed to the best.

You will be able to cook and serve in various restaurants at different levels as you progress through the game. Chinese Food Restaurant has its own famous dishes, while Fast Food Restaurant has its own standing dishes. Many restaurants offer cooking classes to learn recipes. Your restaurant will be successful if you cook delicious dishes based on those recipes. There will be food and drink served along with the food. Drinks such as tea, juice, Coca Cola,… are available in your restaurant.

Colours are bright and smooth. In order to attract players to your website, you need to provide these elements. It will be interesting to see the views from each restaurant. It is always apparent that the game is changing for the players. You always laugh playing the game. It creates sounds during cooking too (washing, cutting and broiling vegetables, etc…), and these sounds really enhance the cooking process. A more attractive game results from this.

Cooking Fest Cooking Games 3
Cooking Fest Cooking Games 3


Cooking Fest features some of the most popular dishes in the world. This game lets you cook it. We provide a list of ingredients as well as specific steps for you to follow, assisting you in completing the recipe as quickly and easily as possible if you are unsure about the recipe. Its unique taste, as well as its price, make each dish stand out. The price of your coins will increase as you improve. In just a few hours of work, your players will be able to become chefs and earn a considerable amount of money.

Watch the food your customer orders carefully. You might feel confused if there are too many guests. Fast and accurate responses are required. Adding new dishes to the menu is a great way to continue to satisfy your customers after they have been satisfied. Your restaurant will receive a low rating if the customer can’t fulfill their request. Bad restaurants aren’t on anyone’s list!

Cooking Fest Cooking Games 4
Cooking Fest Cooking Games 4

In Cooking Fest, you will find a diverse range of features

Several features are included in Cooking Fest. Game features are explored by utilizing good skills. This game offers five features such as “Cooking Game”, “Restaurant Game”, “My Kitchen”, “Cooking Games with Levels around the World” and “Offline Cooking Games” which are found in various regions around the world. Exploring them takes a long time for the players.

We will begin by exploring the “Cooking Game.”. It’s a simulation game where you cook different kinds of dishes from all around the world, all the way from pizza to sushi, and you will be able to experience the real kitchen experiences when you play. Unlocking the restaurant and new level requires progressing through the first feature’s assignments. In order to use the “Restaurant Game” feature, that is a requirement. Food will be cooked and served by the players in the second feature. As a result, the restaurant needs to manage their time so that the food will not burn and that customers don’t have to wait more than necessary. One reason for this is that the customers will bring them profit. The rewards you receive will depend on how well you serve. As well as exotic locations, from frozen mountains to lost jungles, you can run the restaurant. There is also the feature “My Kitchen”, which is the third feature. You will be able to unlock many dishes and upgrade your kitchen utensils through the Cooking Fest challengers and rewards. In all your kitchens, you will gradually become a master chef. Fourth feature is global cooking game. This game enables you to cook the delicious dishes from more than 20 different restaurants all over the world when you play.

Furthermore, the game can be played wherever and whenever the player wants. They can do it with Cooking Fest. It is not uncommon for them to be able to play games only related to cooking. Lastly, there is an offline cooking game feature of the game.

Bring your friends along and let’s check out the features!

Cooking Fest Cooking Games 5
Cooking Fest Cooking Games 5


You can become an expert chef in seconds with Cooking Fest, which teaches players how to cook. It is always beautifully presented and made differently. Having the ability to create tasty food and serve customers is something every player can do. However, you also have to keep an eye on the clock so that your customers don’t get angry and lose interest. You need to act quickly and deliver your guests’ requests as soon as possible. You’ll receive positive feedback soon when you report the problem or write reviews when you encounter it.

Cooking Fest Cooking Games 6
Cooking Fest Cooking Games 6

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