Clone Armies: Battle Game MOD APK 9022.12.11 (Unlimited Money,Unlocked)

Name Clone Armies: Battle Game Clone Armies: Battle Game is the most famous version in the Clone Armies: Battle Game series of publisher Elecube
Publisher Elecube
Genre Action
Size 166.27 MB
Version 9022.12.11
Total installs 10,000,000+
Update 2022/12/2
MOD Unlimited Money,Unlocked
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Android Android Action
4.0 ( 480 ratings )
Price: $0

Operational simplicity is one of the best aspects of Clone Armies. Q-cute graphics make this game retro. Red and blue armies will be participating in the game, and each army will have its own unique strategy. Before fighting with another team, players must decide which army to join. War machines can crush the opponent during battle.

The Clone Armies version has several unique features such as the war theme which is based on the gameplay of the red and blue armies of the Red Army and the Blue Army. Cute cartoon characters show up in the game to represent the army. The war will still be intense, however. High technology will help you defeat your enemy and control your army. Gunships, armored trucks, and other advanced equipment are some of the war machinery featured in the game, which allows the player to crush his opponent and take the war by storm.

An interesting shooting game, Clone Armies is a great way to kill time. Every mission is challenging and exciting for the clone group. As you create a copy of yourself, you should be smart so that it will do the same moves you have already performed. A magnificent design can be found in the game. A task can be accomplished in a number of ways. Take action and think strategically. There are a lot of cool chest-like capsules to earn, and new equipment and units are constantly being added and upgraded. Create an army of mini guns, jet packs, tanks or even clones of your chosen unit.

Clone Armies Battle Game 1
Clone Armies Battle Game 1

Clone Armies: Battle Game Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


As a military commander in Clone Armies, the player is equipped with a vast array of skills and abilities. It’s blue against red for your army. The question arises: how are you going to fight if you only have one or two soldiers? Identify the battles in the game and learn how to clone troops. Most weapons are used for gun combat. Despite the fact that you may die while fighting for your army, don’t be afraid to fight hard. You will have a more cloned army in a few seconds.

You can control soldiers by building a strategy with their arrangement. Fighting, sacrificing, and regaining strength is a loop of cloning, fighting, and reincarnating. When you clone your minions, the more that can be created as a result of regeneration. Your army gains that advantage. Level is the stat on each soldier’s head. There has been a direct correlation between the strength of the soldiers and their level of readiness. Build a powerful army by iterating over many times!

Clone Armies Battle Game 2
Clone Armies Battle Game 2

The Clone Army game: how does it work?

An interesting shooting game, Clone Armies is a great way to kill time. Kill the opposing legions with your little legions. There is no limit to how many fighters you can clone if you have enough resources to do so. It is easy to play, with multiple levels and tasks, and it is easy to learn. It is possible to earn unlimited gold coins. The best way to find out how the game works is to download it and try it out.

A game developed by Elecube called Clone Armies is a game of action shooting. An enemy’s death will restart the level. You’ll also be helped by an extra character. A person’s partner pool increases as he or she dies more. They will even be able to use various weapons and vehicles throughout the game. As you clone, the game becomes harder.
There is something very casual and simple about playing Clone Armies, which is a 2D breakthrough game made in the horizontal format. Unique cards are used in the game. In order to complete the challenge, players must create an army of intelligent and powerful clones. If you are interested, you can download and try the ultimate strategy battle.

A very cartoon-like mobile strategy game called Clone Armies is certainly a great way to pass the time. A number of arms are used in the game to form an army of clones. Afterwards, play the game. Besides the weapons and equipment they can equip their soldiers with, players can also build various kinds of equipment that will be useful to them in combat. Please visit the download page for detailed content.

Clone Armies Battle Game 3
Clone Armies Battle Game 3


It is very difficult to progress through the levels of Clone Armies. Rival factions appear with each level. It could be a small army like yours or it could be a large army that looks similar to yours. A similar arsenal of weapons is also available to the opposing army. Their damage is therefore substantial. Additionally, the attack form that the opponent uses varies depending on the level you are playing at. A full-scale attack or a full-out assault is suitable attack strategies. Play exciting tactical battles and experience various fighting styles!

As well as upgrading their bases and armies, players should also upgrade their equipment. In order to support combat, we must upgrade our combat guns, cannons, bullets, and tanks. The choice is yours between Rambo-style attacks or Commando-style attacks. With the best equipment, you can make your army stronger!

Clone Armies Battle Game 4
Clone Armies Battle Game 4


Different game modes are available, including 1-v-1 multiplayer, solo/co-op, and single-player mode. First time you try a new game mode, you’ll receive specific instructions. This is also true of a number of levels to play, which is both one of the advantages and advantages of this game. The application’s squad will allow you to deal with mid-range challenges in single-player mode. Players can play together in multiplayer mode. Earn bonus points by playing and accumulating them as you progress through the game. In order to be ranked, you need a high score. You can climb the rankings with your friends!

Clone Armies rewards you with items for upgrading your army and weapons after each event and challenge. Furthermore, they also assist you in obtaining items so that you can design your own complete combat formation, including mini-gun soldiers, jet fighters, tanks, jeeps, helicopters, rocket launchers, and other items. You can earn attractive rewards if you join many challenges!

Clone Armies Battle Game 6
Clone Armies Battle Game 6

Whats New

Added superhero skinpack.
Added preview window for Units included in the skinpacks.
Added new coinpacks.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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