The Battle Cats MOD APK 11.10.0 (Unlimited Money,Coins)

Name The Battle Cats The Battle Cats is the most famous version in the The Battle Cats series of publisher PONOS Corporation
Publisher PONOS Corporation
Genre Casual
Size 141.57 MB
Version 11.10.0
Update 2022/12/17
MOD Unlimited Money,Coins
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Android Android Casual
4.6 ( 760 ratings )
Price: $0

If you’re into casual defense and strategic action on mobile, this entertaining game from PONOS Corporation is sure to grab your attention with its exciting features. Android players now have an exciting gaming adventure where you command your unique army of cats on a journey of planet conquest.

Feel free to go to many fun mobile games and enjoy different levels. Experience the direct, accessible and incredibly entertaining gameplay of Battle Cats as you join your feline army in exciting battles. Explore a complex and exciting game that includes different gameplay elements and experiences.

Learn more about this amazing mobile strategy game with our review.

The Battle Cats 1
The Battle Cats 1

The Battle Cats Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


In The Battle Cats, players can go anywhere on earth, hell or even heaven to fight anything, so their conquests are virtually limitless. Each location has several levels where you can encounter and defeat any base or animal, albeit slowly. After completing an expedition, players can obtain countless materials needed to build an army or create new combat units for an army.

The Battle Cats 2
The Battle Cats 2

Entertaining and easily accessible tactical gameplay

For those interested, The Battle Cats offers a great gaming experience that allows players to enjoy simple and engaging tactical action. Enjoy unique graphics, exciting gameplay and simple game mechanics to quickly gather your cat army to take over the planet. Defeat the opposition with your kitty soldiers and cannons. Get experience points to upgrade your towers and send more troops. Tap cats to summon them, launch powerful attacks to kill more enemies, and plan your actions to defeat all enemies that come your way. Destroy the enemies and go to their towers. Demolish buildings for complete stage control.

The Battle Cats 3
The Battle Cats 3


Players need to generate only compatible cats according to the scene of the main tactical concept of the game, which is simple but exciting. Although they simply need to choose the right units, resource utilization is very important, as each enemy unit killed gives a certain amount of money. They may eventually spawn additional elite cats or upgrade them in battle for additional power.

The Battle Cats 4
The Battle Cats 4

Numerous rare and special felines for your army

In addition, you can collect a huge army of cats to help you in your quest, each with unique abilities and unusual appearance. You have the opportunity to gather the largest army of kittens of different sizes and shapes, leading them to victory. Experience unique and fun army configurations that you won’t find in any other game while enjoying full tactical action.

The Battle Cats 5
The Battle Cats 5


In The Battle Cats, each cat has a number of interesting skills or special characteristics that can be used to the player’s advantage in deadly battles. Before sending out soldiers, players must consider their attributes and attacks to create the right combination. As they encounter new enemies in Conquest, they can also unlock or research new cat breeds to increase their combat abilities.

The Battle Cats 6
The Battle Cats 6

Upgrade and enhance your army with a variety of weapons

Battle Cats also offers a variety of upgrades for the various feline warriors in your army, allowing players to strengthen their armies. Clearing certain stages will earn you experience points and items that you can use to care for the kittens. When your cat unit reaches level 10, you can experience a powerful evolution and gain epic abilities.

Meanwhile, you can buy and use powerful boosters at any time. Choose the right time to use these unique items when you successfully turn the tide of the battle. Use your clever plan to defeat your powerful opponents.

The Battle Cats 8
The Battle Cats 8


Although the performance or impact they provide varies, the extensive support skills provided by the system will be a useful addition to the Cat Army. While pre-battle skills can have up to three different types, they can only evolve automatically as the player progresses. To give players more choices, the game continues to add new talents. Each skill has a specific category such as attack, defense and buff.

The Battle Cats 7
The Battle Cats 7


Players will also have the chance to discover impressive treasures hidden behind various obstacles as they embark on a mission to conquer the Earth with their feline army. Destroy unique enemy towers from different countries to earn incredible rewards. Plus, you can earn fun daily game rewards just for playing. During the weekend or at the end of the month, you can win amazing prizes through different prizes.

The Battle Cats 9
The Battle Cats 9

The battle cats mod apk

You can get battle cats mod apk from our website and simultaneously play the game with some advanced features and functions. This is an alternate and modified version of the original game. With our infinite system of money, coins and points, users can upgrade to their full potential, including tools, characters and abilities, as well as access higher game levels and features. Free shopping is available to buy some in-game gear for more effect, and we’ve also implemented an ad-blocking policy that blocks all ads and removes them from the game.


If you’re interested in an exciting game, your first impression of The Battle Cats may be based on the graphics. With its diverse and unique army of cats, Android players are likely to get completely immersed in the fun and cute action of this game. Conflicts will undoubtedly be more interesting thanks to clear illustrations and game controls.

Whats New

■ Added Crown total display to map selection screen. (Collect Crowns by clearing "Stories of Legend" or "Uncanny Legends" stages.)
■ Recommended filter added to Uncanny Legends
 When ON, only uncleared maps will be shown.
■ True Forms added for certain Cats
■ Added Cats with unlockable Talents
■ New Map and Higher Difficulties for Existing Legend Stages
■ New User Rank Rewards
■ Feature Revisions
■ Bug Fixes

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