Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK 6.2.8 (Unlimited Money,Diamonds)

Name Vegas Crime Simulator Vegas Crime Simulator is the most famous version in the Vegas Crime Simulator series of publisher Naxeex Ltd
Publisher Naxeex Ltd
Genre Games
Size 99.67 MB
Version 6.2.6
Total installs 100,000,000+
Update 2022/11/24
MOD Unlimited Money,Diamonds
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Android Android Games
4.2 ( 668 ratings )
Price: $0

Vegas Crime Simulator is an open world game where players can explore the criminal world and learn more at their leisure. You will be able to drive your favorite car around a large area or follow instructions to fight opponents with weapons. In addition, you will find an equipment shop that you will eventually unlock, where stronger and better equipment awaits you.

Vegas Crime Simulator (1)
Vegas Crime Simulator (1)

Vegas Crime Simulator Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


Vegas Crime Simulator players enter an underground world where there are constantly things to do and places to discover. So you can’t keep your eyes on the big universe, you can do whatever you want. You can blend in with your surroundings or drive in a stationary car. You start the game with the first mission, which you can easily complete. Similar to the tutorial level, the first task instructs the player on what to do when talking to another character. The game will also have a guide component, so if you tap too fast and miss key information, you can navigate to the right place accordingly. The locations required for the mission are marked with green lights and arrows that appear at the top of the screen for easy orientation.

Vegas Crime Simulator 2
Vegas Crime Simulator 2

Offline gameplay

Now that it can be played offline, Vegas Crime Simulator should be even more accessible and fun for all Android gamers. Play amazing mobile games anywhere, even on your daily commute.

Vegas Crime Simulator 3
Vegas Crime Simulator 3

City simulation game for the consoles

Vegas Crime Simulator is a must play if you want to play simulated real life scenarios and use real cars and weapons. It’s a small, highly detailed Android SIM with all the features and resources of a console game. Also, it uses less data than other Simcity games. It was created by Naxeex LLC on June 3, 2015 and became known for the features and modes it offered within days of its release. It now has over 100 million downloads and is one of the top 20 offline simulation games on the Google Play Store.

Vegas Crime Simulator 4
Vegas Crime Simulator 4

Interesting skins for your characters to wear

In addition, the amazing Vegas Crime Simulator mobile game now includes a variety of fun skins that you can apply to your characters to enhance your performance. In addition to giving your character a variety of amazing skills, they also change your appearance. Use Vegas Crime Simulator’s amazing robots as a starting point. Transform into a massive tank with amazing flying and missile-launching abilities. Take on many enemies at once and defeat them all.

For those interested in Superman’s powers, Vegas Crime Simulator can use the appropriate skins to give your character even more powers. Dress up your characters in incredible superhuman clothes and give them tons of superhuman abilities.

Vegas Crime Simulator 5
Vegas Crime Simulator 5


Vegas Crime Simulator has two main game modes that allow players to operate as they wish in an open environment. You can see parked cars on the road, which you can then drive over. Each vehicle can be moved to different locations, which will surely satisfy your desire to try different activities. But if you’re tired of wandering around, you might want to focus on quests. Players will spend their time completing missions in the game, just like in an open world game, you will still be guided. The reward for completing missions is usually money and personal experience. On the left side of the screen is the option to level up after reaching a new level. If you have enough resources and in-game currency, you can unlock many interesting things at once.

Vegas Crime Simulator 6
Vegas Crime Simulator 6

Exciting in-game tasks to complete

As the game progresses, Vegas Crime Simulator offers various game missions that you have to accept and complete if you want to gain respect and fame. Feel free to try the game’s many challenges as you progress through the game’s many stages and face increasingly difficult challenges. Enjoy your gangster sim missions to the fullest and discover the unique gameplay of each mission. Get more unique game benefits and complete objectives and missions.


The level factor is the first thing players consider when thinking about how to make their character stronger in Vegas crime simulator. The hero’s stats area has five separate tabs, each contributing to the hero’s power in a different way. For example, the first tab lists the character’s health, stamina, and recovery levels. The speed of your attack and the amount of possible damage is controlled by the knife icon tab. Therefore, the choice of the appropriate indication is up to you.
Players have access to a store with various items that you can purchase for your character in addition to boosting your stats. However, the fascinating aspect of this equipment is the weapons used in superhero movies. You have incredible attack power and you can dress like Superman. You can also use powerful fighting machines or fly freely in the sky.

Assemblage of weapons and other resources

The most popular simulation game on Google Play Store and iOS is called Vegas Crime Simulator. Moreover, it is a flexible game that can be played regardless of whether you have an online connection at any time. You can play it for free and be amazed by the variety of the game. From it you can purchase various weapons including AK-74, M4A1, PKM, Laser Rifle, SPAS, Launcher, RPG and Railgun with the required funds. In addition, Vegas Crime Simulator sells a variety of melee weapons, including a crowbar, axe, club, golf club, and axe. In addition to weapons and armor, the shop button can also be used to purchase clothing items such as hats, helmets, shirts, t-shirts, jackets, coats, pants, jeans, and shorts.

Amazing cars to ride in

Speaking of which, you don’t necessarily need a powerful tank or a military jet to play the game. Vegas Crime Simulator has a variety of interesting cars and can be found all over the city. Here, players can simply find their favorite cars and steal them from their owners in gangster fashion. Experience the extreme speed of your sports car, the freedom to drive your stolen police car through the streets, the thrill of water attractions, spectacular airplane rides and much more.

Vegas City Simulation at VIP level

Vegas Crime Simulator is a freemium Android game that requires a variety of in-game payments, such as virtual currency if you want to buy vehicles, guns, or wearables. Diamonds, which cost this virtual money and cost 160.00 INR for 500 of them, are required. This means that you must invest hundreds of your actual rupees in order to purchase professional and superior materials. Furthermore, nobody like spending real money on in-game purchases. Download our rebuilt version of Vegas Crime Simulator, Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk, if you’re one of these people who are annoyed by the in-app purchases in the game.

Get higher and higher on the gangster ladders

Vegas Crime Simulator now presents its realistic and immersive gangster game that will take you on a variety of interesting adventures for those who are interested. Players must complete a series of required tasks and challenges as they progress through the game’s narrative and climb the gangster ladder. Learn more about the mafia hierarchy as you become respected and loved in the city. Take on the most amazing crime missions to prove your claim. Beat your rivals and make yourself the most notorious mafia in the city.

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