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Name Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium (+VR) Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium (+VR) is the most famous version in the Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium (+VR) series of publisher Wemade Connect
Publisher Wemade Connect
Genre Games
Size 80.82 MB
Version 1.53.2
Total installs 10,000,000+
Update 2022/11/23
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Play Tap Tap Fish: AbyssRium and enjoy an enjoyable gaming experience as you help the little coral find its mates on the seabed. Learn about the simple but fun game where touching the coral rocks will bring them to life. Keep doing this until your corallite starts to support coral growth and can sustain itself. Then you can focus on luring other life forms into their new environment. In addition, you can continue recording during this time to continue accumulating energy that can be used in various ways.

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Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 1
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 1


Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:

A Stress-Free Game You Can Play While Comfortably Relaxing

Are you done with your busy schedule? You can relax and relieve tension by playing the video game “Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium”. Invite friendly fish who like to relax and find solace in the aquarium. Without breaking a sweat, sit back and watch your aquarium swell. Bring some energetic, cute fish friends into your peaceful aquarium. Relax and unwind from your busy day. Add more fish to your aquarium and meet many charming fish. You’ll love Abyssrium, a stress-relieving game you can play without doing anything.

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 2
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 2

Aquarium Filled with Cute Fish

You might make friends with cute little fish that you’ve only seen in the aquarium, in novels, or on TV. In the game, you will meet majestic and lovable cetacean companions, including dolphins and whales. Not to mention, the aquarium is home to a variety of fascinating creatures, including cats, cuddly dogs, rays, sharks and tuna.

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 3
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 3

Suitable for Those Seeking a Relaxing Game

Drop everything and play “Abyssrium” for a while. Take a deep breath and play this delightful game to de-stress your mind. The pleasant and relaxing soundtrack, the colorful scenes of the deep sea and the charming shoals of fish will delight and relax you. Watching the fish swim in the aquarium will give you a sense of peace and comfort. Throughout the game, you will enjoy watching the evolution of the sea creatures.

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 4
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 4

For You, Special Features

Abyss is a simple aquarium game with the following features to enjoy, relax and heal the soul:
Aquarium Growth: Your aquarium will quickly grow and expand. It’s just a click away. New characters: Many fish, whales and companions appear every day.
Relax BGM: Listen to pleasant music and instantly refresh yourself. Unexpected Luck: Unexpected rewards such as mystery treasure chests, luck bubbles and mystery eggs will be sent out.

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 5
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 5


Tap Tap Fish players will initially encounter a simple but exciting game called Tap Tap Fish. With intuitive, touchscreen-optimized controls, you can interact with corals and fish as if they were right in front of you. Not to mention, creating coral and fish takes just a few quick steps.

In addition, the beautiful coral stone you just rescued from loneliness will also give you some guidance and advice. You will enjoy the simple and fun game of Tap Tap Fish.

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 6
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 6


The Lantern Festival event Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium offers many valuable prizes that you should not miss. You will decorate your corals with different things to make them look more attractive, some of them are special fish that only appear during this event.

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 7
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 7

Beautiful and engaging underwater environments

In addition, Tap Tap Fish players have the opportunity to explore unique underwater ecosystems that are home to a variety of marine life. Here you can explore the formation of corals and how they attract different types of life to this coexistence. In addition, you will find that the sea creatures in your aquarium are actually alive and playing with you, reacting to your every move. Like you’re their best friend now.

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 8
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 8


When the Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium level starts, the coral will lie in the middle of the vast ocean floor. The first task is to wake it up so you can start making its surroundings habitable for the various species nearby. At the same time, it helps prevent the isolation of this coral, and you will benefit greatly from the changes that occur with each upgrade.

The settings of the game are refined and tasteful and suitable for different things. Your goal in this game is to give corals more life and introduce new ingredients. As a result, you see subtle changes that enhance the rural aesthetic. Since it does not require too much professional knowledge and effort, it can be said that it is an experience suitable for many people.

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 9
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 9


The game offers several control options from which you can choose to properly maintain your underwater home. This also applies to fish, corals and rocks. You can start by controlling corallite, one of the most important life-giving components of your aquarium. Increase its vitality by getting many upgrades and improving it. Unlock special features like volcanic eruptions to learn more about life underwater.

As for corals, you will have the opportunity to unlock and upgrade several varieties. Consequently, the power and probability of discovering new and unusual fish species increases.

Fish are the best life forms in coral reefs because they are the focal point of this coexistence environment. However, they are the most complex. That being said, you can only get fish if you meet certain coral and rock conditions.

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 10
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 10


In Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium, it’s easy to find the main traits that this character can develop after awakening the coral. Countless vitality is the main resource of this game and it shows with every click. Each collection can also be fully increased by upgrading corals. Of course, there are many things to upgrade and unlock in the game. Corals should be leveled when more roosters can be collected; so your goal should be to push the coral as high as possible. In addition, you will receive a certain amount of change each time you level up corals. Before the growth of various objects, coral is just an ordinary rock with a basic face.

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 10 1
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 10 1

whenever you want, take pictures of your memorable moments

Tap Tap Fish’s simple gallery feature makes it easy for players to capture their favorite gaming experiences. You can take a picture when you restore coral rocks for the first time, when you have your first corals, or when you unlock a new fish. You can send them to social networks and share them with your friends at any time. Plus, since the game is integrated with your social media accounts, you can easily find friends who are playing and see their current progress.

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 11
Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium VR 11


Android players can now fully immerse themselves in the corallite water world thanks to incredible visuals and amazing scenery. Find countless fish in the sea in all sizes and shapes. Plant a variety of corals with unique characteristics and hues. You will fall in love with your aquarium in no time.

Whats New

[1.53.2 Patch Note]

- Meet new fish in the new Fairy Tale event!
- Lucky Clover Package has been added to the Abyss Tank.
- 4 types of Expand Packages have been added.

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