Stumble Guys MOD APK v0.42.2 [Unlocked, Unlimited Gems]

Name Stumble Guys Stumble Guys is the most famous version in the Stumble Guys series of publisher
Publisher Kitka Games
Genre Action
Size 102 MB
Version 0.42.2
Update 2022/11/12
MOD Unlocked
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Android Android Action
4 ( 124 ratings )
Price: $0

Unlocked EmotesUnlocked Footsteps

The fighting game from Kitka Games is called Stumble Guys. Stumble Guys is different from other fighting games like Fall Dudes 3D or Knockout Fall Guys Royale 3D due to its delightful gameplay, vivid visuals and captivating characters. Many players joined Stumble Guys. While the game has attracted 120,000 players, Steam has 56,000 users, more than half. You join a team of 60 Stumble Guys in a frenetic, chaotic marathon full of obstacles to determine who will be the last one standing.

Running, jumping, windsurfing and solving mini-games will help you defeat the rebellious opponents. Finally, at the end of each round, you must be the first to win the championship.

There are two game modes: team and individual. Players can play against the globe by themselves or as a team, causing problems for other teams. Compared to other games, Stumble Guys is a very exciting battle royale game. Even if you lose, have fun with other players’ challenges or strategies. A fun action game with nice visuals and relaxing gameplay called Stumble Guys. Play Stumble Guys to earn rewards every season.

Stumble Guys 1
Stumble Guys 1

Stumble Guys – Battle Royale Game Review

Here are all the amazing features of this Game:

Personalize Your Character With These Choices

The game offers several customization options. With these choices you can change your character. It will enhance your gaming experience and give your character a unique look.

Overcome the toughest obstacles

Stumble Guys uses several map systems. Your challenges will vary depending on the map you choose. To get players back to the starting line quickly if they go off course, traps and obstacles are placed in danger areas.

The playing card is fine. When the game starts, the system will randomly select a card. All internal features are constantly updated to keep players from getting bored. The fact that the track is constantly happening makes it more interesting than ever.

Rarely does a player play just once and win a title. Most sloppy people will trip over snowballs, trip over cameras, or slip on slippery surfaces.

Stumble Guys 2
Stumble Guys 2

Always pay attention to management

As mentioned, you can be removed with up to 60 other players at any time. Therefore, no matter how effective personal ownership is, it only uses the basics. The last two elements are strategy and luck. The best course of action is to follow the best players. Because it is often found in mini-games like Perfect Match, note that the symbol jumps to a safe place. It is a common misconception that it is easy to understand. If the continent has problems, it is preferable to jump to the right place where the highest group jumps.

Stumble Guys 3
Stumble Guys 3

There is intense competition

The competition is fierce, with up to 32 players competing in a single match. There are several traps that can catch a player even if the opponent is not fighting or playing unfairly. Due to an accident, the players start at the starting line. The race ends when 16 participants finish the race. Based on their experience, players should proceed with caution. Carefully and slowly.

Stumble Guys only cares if you finish the game. There are no winners here. You can also do this to earn ranking points that qualify for Gold membership.

Stumble Guys 4
Stumble Guys 4

The last word

People love Stumble Guys because it’s easy to play and it’s entertaining. Stumble Guys gameplay is governed by simple rules. The jelly bean fell to the ground. This is where the game begins. After that, there will be up to 60 beans or 60 players of different colors in the game. Everyone will participate in each minigame screen to find the last survivors.

On your way to the finish line, you may encounter challenges such as giant soccer balls or other bulky objects that try to disqualify you. You win when you are the last player standing. The race was designed to look like an outdoor arena race. Stumble Guys is a mix of captivating and chaotic images. The obstacles seem really funny. Many people who spend evenings in front of a computer screen find joy in these things.

According to EuroGamer, many people want to play the game on PlayStation. To provide better service, they went offline. The video games Mario Party and Mario Kart are similar to Stumble Guys. If you remember these games, try these games. You don’t have to be a great gamer to conquer Stumble Guys. After an hour of familiarization, you will understand the whole operation.

Stumble Guys MOD APK v0.42.2 (Unlocked)

With stumble guys mod menu 0.42.2, you can play multiplayer with up to 32 players. Play with friends to complete the challenge. To play anywhere, any player can bring their friends to this game. This game only requires an internet connection. Install this amazing game to play with your friends or if you have a YouTube channel, with your subscribers.

stumble guys mod apk 0.42 offers three different game modes: single player where you can play alone; online multiplayer where you can interact with local or international players; and party games, where you can join friends on a local or international network, play games .

Party games have two types of play: triangles or fives. 5 player mode has more content than 3 player mode and this is where the two game modes differ. For example, you can get two bonus items in 5-player mode, but only one bonus item in 3-player mode.

Real-time gameplay is included in the stumble guys 0.42 apk game. So you can play games in real time with friends or subscribers. You can also play against players from other countries. There are various missions in the game. For example, you can do spaceship missions.

race with spirited competitors

Stumble Guys MOD APK can match up to 32 people. They randomize the ores so you have room to add. Many different cards are prepared for you. When a map is completed, the next one is available. This action game does not have any unique weapons to use against friends and enemies. Each map has several traps and it’s easy to fall prey to them. The countdown is on before the Stumble Guys MOD APK contest starts.

After counting to three numbers, the game begins. 32 new players started the game. They will run all the way to the finish line. The current map ends the race when 16 players cross the finish line. Rewards are given in different ways. In racing games, there are always winners and runners. But there are no winners or losers in this game. The top 16 contestants are ranked by formula. After each round they will earn leaderboard points.


Stumble Guys MOD APK visually resembles a 3D model. Every component and character is created using the original images. Everything was clearly visible until the end of the match. The next level map is amazing. Each map has traps and traps made from unique graphics. Thanks to the developers, including colorful and realistic graphics. The game’s dynamic graphics are eye-catching and its elements are even more attractive. Try this game for its visual appeal and entertainment value.

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