King Of Steering MOD APK 11.0.2 (Unlimited Money,Rewards)

Name King Of Steering - KOS Drift King Of Steering - KOS Drift is the most famous version in the King Of Steering - KOS Drift series of publisher UMX Studio
Publisher UMX Studio
Genre Games
Size 1.41 GB
Version 11.0.1
Total installs 10,000,000+
Update 2022/11/24
MOD Unlimited Money,Rewards
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Android Android Games
4.1 ( 569 ratings )
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Motorsport has always been a sport that can provide an exciting experience for a large audience. It is also a theme that many game developers use to create amazing games. KOS is another game that features racing. King Of Steering MOD APK is the full name of the game. In Steering Kings, a real-time 3D racing game, you can steer and control a variety of vehicles. You can drive your car on many KOS tracks. But it is not easy. There will be many unexpected events in the game. Let’s explore them with the king of steering.

King Of Steering KOS Drift 1
King Of Steering KOS Drift 1

King Of Steering – KOS Drift Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


Players can choose and drive hundreds of different cars that appear in front of them in different colors and shapes. Not to mention the Sonata sedan that looks like a Charger sports sedan, Super 44s, pickups and more. In addition, you may have access to a lift system for transporting goods and cars, from multi-seater buses to luxury cars such as Yukons or Rolls.

King Of Steering KOS Drift 2
King Of Steering KOS Drift 2

Start driving your car and develop into the best racer

Players will receive instructions for certain games. However, you will have to explore the King Of Steering game. Don’t worry, it won’t be that hard. Driving a car does not require many actions. All you have to do is start your car, let off the gas pedal or slow down as needed. In addition, you can choose between 5 different environments before the race. Highway, Tafger, Toweeq, Fast Lane, Alfrosya and Tafger. You will have a unique experience in each environment. In Tafger settings, you can burn tires on asphalt.

Additionally, King Of Steering now has a whopping 75 cars. Some examples are Kiea Optimal, Yoyota Land Crusher LX V6, Chevrola Avoe, Hunda Acord 2017, Missan Batrol Y61, CMC Sera Grande 454 Pickup 1979, etc. Each car has two indications (speed and power) that you need to pay attention to. The higher these flags, the stronger the car. In particular, they can be yours without doing any quests or spending any gold or currency. You can use all free cars in the game. New cars are introduced with each update. So King of Steering looks even better. The appearance of the car can also be changed. From the rear bumper, siren and rear to the front bumper, grille and hood. In the game you can also change the paint color of the car, apply new stickers and install wheels. It allows you to create a large number of original cars. You can change your character in King Of Steering. A white hat, a pair of black shoes or a shirt, a pair of jeans… you can choose any character and edit it as you like.

King Of Steering KOS Drift 3
King Of Steering KOS Drift 3


You can freely modify and customize your vehicle in King Of Steering, including all aspects of brakes, speed and interior. We rely on your patience. There is no limit to the collective creativity of players, allowing them to make the most amazing and remarkable cars with your signature. Any car can be repainted or repainted to look its best. In addition, you design, cut and create glued or fixed icons.

King Of Steering KOS Drift 4
King Of Steering KOS Drift 4

King of Steering points

Each game offers unique special features. In addition, King Of Steering has three unique features that will appeal to a large number of players. The control method is the first point. You can get three different control options from the publisher. The first method will use a steering wheel to steer the vehicle. The second method will use the buttons to turn left or right. You can also move your car by tilting your smartphone screen. For example, the game allows you to try out three different control schemes during gameplay. Thanks to this, you will get an interesting experience. In addition, it helps you find the control method that works best for you. The other unique point is the chat room. You can change your name and avatar in King Of Steering. This will make it easier for your friends to find you. A decent name and an attractive avatar can also impress other players. It allows you to meet new people. The game also has a chat section where you can communicate with many other people, even if you don’t know them at all. King Of Steering supports 2 additional languages. Arabic and English are them. Some players are able to better understand and complete game tasks faster.

King Of Steering KOS Drift 6
King Of Steering KOS Drift 6


King Of Steering offers each player the same two game choices as many other racing games. Both online and offline gaming options are available to players regardless of their age or level of participation in public spaces. Also, if you are bored of these two favorite modes, you can access a unique mode called “tafjeer”. Millions of players are hooked on this fun event that keeps them watching until the end.

King Of Steering KOS Drift 7
King Of Steering KOS Drift 7


In addition to these exciting activities, the city also has a unique map system. Once you start driving, King Of Steering will suggest the fastest, easiest and most convenient way for you to work. In addition, it has clear instructions for roads, fast lanes, etc. The trip also has to deal with favorable and unfavorable weather conditions depending on the season and day or night.

King Of Steering KOS Drift 8
King Of Steering KOS Drift 8

Whats New

The all-new and exciting KOS season is here!
We’ve added the all popular sedan as a daily login GIFT :)
As well as 3 LEGENDARY 2022 model cars
We’ve celebrated the World Cup and added a bunch of fun new content!
You can now take professional looking photos in our new Drone Photo Mode
The long awaited window decals are here - Available only on the VIP cars for now
No more car gallery spam comments as you can now delete them
And much more additions, fixes and enhancements. Update NOW and have fun!

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