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Name Hustle Castle: Medieval games Hustle Castle: Medieval games is the most famous version in the Hustle Castle: Medieval games series of publisher UPWAKE.ME
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The kingdom’s knights, rise! .You will assume the role of a real mediaeval castle’s king and hero in this empire-building game. Play epic kingdom games now! Build a king’s shelter!

You’ll assume the role of the lord and ruler of a genuine mediaeval castle in this kingdom-building game. Players, get ready—the mediaeval fantasy role-playing game has just begun! In this game of building royal shelters, establish your own empire to watch your kingdom expand.

Hustle Castle Medieval Games 1
Hustle Castle Medieval Games 1

Hustle Castle: Medieval games Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


The mechanics of castle building are complex and unique, but Hustle Castle makes things even more difficult by requiring players to expand underground. In addition, it was an opportunity to expand everything, keeping the necessary space for all palace amenities or services, and even to improve the standard of living. To maintain a positive atmosphere, players must constantly expand or create many new things.

Hustle Castle Medieval Games 2
Hustle Castle Medieval Games 2

Hustle Castle: Medieval Kingdom Game is one of the best works of art

Hustle Castle: Medieval Games in the Kingdom creates a cool medieval fantasy RPG. This game was created by on March 31, 2017 for iOS and Android mobile devices. Moreover, the developers are constantly working to bring you the most enthusiastic updates and solve your problems, making every day more enjoyable.

The terminology, settings, and mechanics of RPG video games are often very similar. Players explore the game world by completing puzzles and fighting enemies. RPG characters often have player-created designs and gain strength and abilities over time. The best feature of Hustle Castle Medieval is that you can participate in rich and exciting activities in the game and have a great time that makes the players happy.

Hustle Castle Medieval Games 3
Hustle Castle Medieval Games 3

Discover a vast campaign that transports you to your imagined mediaeval world

Hustle Castle transports players to a fun medieval fantasy realm with a wide variety of unique animals and activities you’ve always wanted to do. Immerse yourself in an engaging narrative and captivating gameplay. Explore the vast world of Hustle Castle and engage multiple enemies to further your cause. Take on a variety of tasks including giant trolls, cunning orcs, terrifying skeletons, funny ghosts and more. Use your magical powers to fight them. Be the hero who slays the mighty dragon that roams the countryside.

Hustle Castle Medieval Games 4
Hustle Castle Medieval Games 4


Players will occasionally encounter foreign invaders who want to steal all their resources while building the castle. Fortunately, they can send soldiers or samurai to confront them and even collect priceless loot to arm the people. In addition, some random events often occur in the castle, which creates a lot of complications for the player’s action skills.

Hustle Castle Medieval Games 5
Hustle Castle Medieval Games 5


The main objective of the game is to protect, build and improve the castle. There are hundreds of missions where the player has to fight against orcs, giants, skeletons and other enemies. They are also needed to upgrade armor, train citizens, craft weapons, and uncover secrets. Because much of it requires planning and strategy, this game is both strategic and RPG. Take the opportunity to explore the kingdom by downloading it! But for more benefits and advantages, check out Hustle Castle: Medieval Game of the Kingdom Mod Apk below. It’s a feature-packed version with everything you could want from a premium RPG experience.

Hustle Castle Medieval Games 6
Hustle Castle Medieval Games 6

Upgrade and train the villagers to increase your power

Hustle Castle players will have a close bond with their servants and villagers as you will be able to participate in all their daily activities. Give them specific tasks, collect resources for the castle, create additional rooms, become scientists and research new technologies, become your warriors and even teach them how to do it. Create your own villages, give them various modifications of your choice, give your residents special abilities to improve their abilities and give them new equipment. May you have excellent citizens, such as all gentlemen desire.

Hustle Castle Medieval Games 7
Hustle Castle Medieval Games 7

Make and maintain your resources

Surprisingly, Hustle Castle has an almost unlimited supply of resources if used correctly. Each room or building they build has interesting features that improve everyone’s quality of life, including the ability to produce food, craft weapons, provide building materials, and many other things. To achieve optimal production performance, players must assign future residents or kinship representatives to each room.

Enjoy the modification, it’s free – Medieval game Hustle Castle MOD APK

Players of this unique Android game can get a new shade with every action thanks to the game’s story campaign. Moreover, it can also be accessed in a multiplayer mode where countless players from all over the world can compete and cooperate. In addition, you can join clans, chat, build kingdoms, raise champions, conquer territories and dominate other kingdoms with other players.

But when you reach a certain level, it becomes difficult to earn money in the game and buy the things you need to win. Also, not everyone can afford to pay monthly membership fees for premium services. So Hustle Castle Medieval Mod Apk comes to your rescue. Offering unlimited resources, it is a modified version of the game with the same gameplay and control scheme. You can enjoy this relaxing and comfortable trip without spending a penny. You read that right. Download it now!

Ensure the welfare of your villagers

Since they are willing to work for you, it also seems logical that you treat your people well. To protect them from the dangers outside, you can start by setting up a cozy room for them in your fort. Also give them enough food to satisfy their hunger.

In addition to work, your villagers need to have fun. It is important to provide them with a play area in one of your rooms. The most important requirement is that your villagers have a private space where they can rest and “repopulate”.


Gear is an important part of helping players protect entire groups of people against enemies, whether inside or outside. Although the weapon’s crafting technology is quite simple, it requires certain materials that players can find by digging on the surface or deep inside. If every citizen gets a weapon compatible with them, they will become stronger and more advanced than before.

Engage your opponents in thrilling battles

Of course, the game is much more than collecting materials and building castles. Your travels are much more. In Hustle Castle, players can explore a huge world. Fight against other lords and monsters from all over the world to prove that you are the best lord of Hustle Castle. Successfully complete rewarding and exciting missions to earn new resources. Use them to strengthen your castle and army. If you give your villagers a luxurious life, they will submit to your authority. Expand your population and power.


The versatility and utility of each castle dweller increases as the player interacts with them. In addition, Hustle Castle gradually increases the complexity of the warden system, requiring players to suggest suitable locations for the best results. In addition, they can mate to produce children that bring new changes to the life of the castle.


To build a healthy economy, players can send citizens to explore the outside world and start trading. As they explore the world, players will occasionally discover surprises or unusual things in various locations and use them to their advantage as they build their castle. Of course, players have access to a global map to track their exploration and quest to find the kingdom.

Hustle Castle is a simulation game where players build a thriving castle. In addition, the excitement and experience that players will have while playing their slot will be varied and will increase in anticipation of other surprises or big wins.

You are now ready to download Hustle Castle: Medieval games for free. Here are some notes:

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