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Name Hide 'N Seek! Hide 'N Seek! is the most famous version in the Hide 'N Seek! series of publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Genre Games
Size 113.82 MB
Version 1.9.11
Update 2022/11/22
MOD Unlimited Money,Coins
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Android Android Games
3.7 ( 93 ratings )
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The age-old game of hide and seek. Play as a seeker or a hider, construct your shelters out of automobiles or office desks, conceal yourself in the haystack, the cornfield, the office of the boss, and, most importantly, force other players into the seeker’s range of vision. But try to be sympathetic.

Hide N Seek 1
Hide N Seek 1

Hide ‘N Seek! Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:

Relive your childhood with the classic hide and seek game Hide ‘N Seek! When you enter this virtual world, you can choose one of two characters. You can become a seeker or a hider, respectively. Each encounter is exciting and comes with its own challenges. Take the opportunity to simulate both positions. With simple gameplay and 3D visuals that recreate special mazes, the game is worth the wait.

Hide N Seek 2
Hide N Seek 2


Many players will join your maze. Everyone is trapped in a certain maze. The main settings of the game are the same as before. The gameplay and controls are the same as the classic hide-and-seek game that has been in the minds of generations. So everyone must play hide and seek! It’s not a challenge for you either.

Hide N Seek 3
Hide N Seek 3

Enjoy the offline game play

For those who are interested, you can now play the exciting hide and seek game offline without an internet connection. This is where offline mobile games will greatly improve accessibility and fun for all players.

Hide N Seek 4
Hide N Seek 4


Especially if you turned into a seeker, you need to complete a mission worthy of the name. It goes around looking and finding as many people as possible to hide. However, being an active person is not always easy. You won’t see people for 5 seconds after the game officially starts.

When the timer starts ticking, it’s time to move. You only have to navigate this strange maze. Visit any place where you have a sneaking suspicion that someone is hiding. You can sprint or walk so that the noise doesn’t interfere with your task of capturing the opponent. In addition to trying to find your way, sometimes you’ll need to change tactics to scare the fugitives and lure them into an ambush.

Hide N Seek 5
Hide N Seek 5

Unlockable distinctive outfits

Android players can make their characters more interesting with a variety of unique clothes in Hide ‘N Seek. You can play hide and seek as a criminal, a policeman or even an animal and many other characters and you can choose from different costumes.

Hide N Seek 6
Hide N Seek 6


If you want to play this role, you can choose the second option in this maze as a hideout. When you become a lurker, you can see everyone in the area, including teammates and seekers, which sets you apart from the seekers. In order not to be discovered by hunters, your task is to hide in the most hidden place. You only have 30 seconds to start looking for shelter.

A lot of interesting environments on maps

Hide ‘N Seek will offer its own unique map with different settings and game components to increase the excitement of the game. Enjoy the exciting mobile game with hidden pools, hidden maze walls, cars that protect you from seekers and more. With many land and sea maps, you can also enjoy playing the game in different ways.


To succeed in any game other than Paths of Justice, you’ll probably need some helpful tips and smart strategy. By playing the role of a hider, you will learn how to stay hidden and how to draw attention to yourself so that the searchers find new targets. After that, he will be so engrossed in this prey that he will ignore the fact that you are also around.

Interactions in the game and realistic physics

For those who are interested, you can now play the exciting Hide ‘N Seek game with accurate game physics and character interactions. Enjoy maneuvering ragdolls around the map. Run into someone to send them to the searchers as a prank, or have fun rescuing a friend in trouble.


What if you saw the seeker coming before you got caught? Search and find! Helps to use the teleportation tool. You can use this to move your body to the other side of the map, out of sight of the seekers. It allows you to leave the network quickly and easily. But using it is not always an option. You only have a few options, especially in the beginning.

Gameplay that is undemanding and relaxing for all players

With a relaxing and stress-free game of hide and seek, hide and seek players can always enjoy free mobile games without any hassle. Feel free to engage in a variety of fun, soothing and addictive levels, each offering a unique and entertaining gaming experience. Enjoy any stage you choose while playing the game.


Hide ‘N Seek Android players will have the opportunity to enjoy countless hide and seek levels during the game. Here the game offers a large selection of levels and fun and exciting gameplay. In addition, the game’s ever-increasing difficulty will guarantee that you will always be fully immersed in the experience.


The basic gameplay of hide and seek in Hide ‘N Seek allows Android gamers to start having fun right away. The majority of you should already be familiar with the rules, and for those who aren’t, it won’t take long to learn them. Simply move your characters about using the simple one-touch controls to search for others as the Seeker and avoid them as the Hider.


Hide ‘N Seek manages to deliver its own unique and interesting visuals, even though the game’s visuals are quite simple to keep you interested in how it works. Thanks to the streamlined and demanding visuals, you can play Hide ‘N Seek with ease and satisfaction on all your devices.

Whats New

- Fixed the Start Invisible button
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

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