Hempire – Plant Growing Game MOD APK 2.17.0 (Unlimited Money,Unlocked)

Name Hempire - Plant Growing Game Hempire - Plant Growing Game is the most famous version in the Hempire - Plant Growing Game series of publisher LBC Studios Inc.
Publisher LBC Studios Inc.
Genre Games
Size 42.43 MB
Version 2.17.0
Total installs 10,000,000+
Update 2022/12/10
MOD Unlimited Money,Unlocked
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Android Android Games
4.6 ( 406 ratings )
Price: $0

Play the best casual strategy game on your mobile device with Hempire: Plant Growing Game. It has a lot to offer. British Columbia’s LBC Studios created mobile devices for this app that worked on iOS and Android.

To resell to your virtual customers, you extract flowers and extracts from various qualities of cannabis that you grow. Creating a cannabis empire is the goal.

As you can see, the world has been conquered only by using weeds. High-tech cultivation of hybrids is essential to cultivating robust plants. It is impossible to find the grass fungus by the police and ill-intentioned people in business.

Despite the fact it is legal doesn’t mean it’s safe! Hemp Empire is a gloomy, shady storyline, so be prepared to deal with local police and businesspeople, as well as experience the joys of chocolate cake baking.

Hempire Plant Growing Game 1
Hempire Plant Growing Game 1

Hempire – Plant Growing Game Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


In Hempire, players will find themselves immersed in the riches of marijuana-based businesses with a funny pun name. Legal cannabis varieties come in many interesting varieties to stimulate consumers’ fantasies and relax their moods. The reason for this is that, in order for the business to thrive over the long term, players have to start building the foundations to begin with.

Hempire Plant Growing Game 2
Hempire Plant Growing Game 2

Grow Hashish

An old shack on the edge of town is the start of everything. It’s easy to start with a tutorial. The plant you’re going to plant is a simple one, just needing a pot and seedlings to grow. No matter how much money you have at the beginning, you can always make more.

At regular intervals, water should be poured over the plant. There is a danger of the harvest being destroyed if you forget about it. There are many extras that you can get from the plants during the game.

Hempire Plant Growing Game 3
Hempire Plant Growing Game 3

Invest in the growth of the plots by upgrading them and improving them

A plentiful array of high-quality cannabis products can be produced with more budget spent on the growing areas. The Hempire system also introduced a complex system for changing product quality, which increased revenue. The upgrade and investment system in this game will continue to provide players, through a number of automated mechanisms, with a stable supply of products on a consistent basis.

Hempire Plant Growing Game 4
Hempire Plant Growing Game 4

Developing and marketing products

Your products are always well received in the city. Keep in touch with them. Additionally, it plays a role in missions that help us get more money and objects that are useful.

You will unlock more buildings as you meet more people. She runs a workshop with your neighbor. It might be of assistance to you if you send her the resources to enhance her premises in a variety of ways.

You don’t just sell a street corner joint in this game. With your harvest, you can make a variety of products. Have you ever had a hash cake?

Hempire Plant Growing Game 5
Hempire Plant Growing Game 5


Buying expensive products or engaging in many activities becomes crucial as players become rich. In order to get quintessential products, players have to buy resources to unlock new business opportunities. The player’s ability to be successful depends on how he or she manages their resources and budgets over time, as well as contacts with many generous partners depending on these factors.

Hempire Plant Growing Game 6
Hempire Plant Growing Game 6

Plants need to be developed

New plant species can be grown in a wrecked caravan laboratory. A double cross. The grain here, however, is different from what you will find in the rest of the world. Legendary plants can also be found among the simple varieties.

Your game can make more money if they’re better. There are other ways that you can sell your plants besides minor dealers and individuals on the street. Delivery services are also available. Due to the price, in most cases it will only be available for a very limited time or for a very high price.

Hempire Plant Growing Game 7
Hempire Plant Growing Game 7


The facilities or growing environment in which marijuana is grown can be upgraded by players in order to improve the quality of the crop. When consumed, they even create new aromas based on the grade of the structures. It provides additional entertainment to the gameplay when players are asked to be creative when it comes to designing a cannabis empire in the form of a closed environment, which adds to the enjoyment and challenge of the gameplay.

Players will explore cannabis businesses through its gameplay and content in this tycoon game. As a result, countless and healthy cannabis variations are created, simultaneously expanding the player’s creativity.

Hempire Plant Growing Game 8
Hempire Plant Growing Game 8

Whats New

Update 2.17.0:
* 4 dank new edibles and concentrates!
* Newsstand improvements—now integrated with train rewards!
* Bug fixes! New formula is 50% more effective on spider mites.

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