Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Name Extreme Car Driving Simulator Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the most famous version in the Extreme Car Driving Simulator series of publisher AxesInMotion Racing
Publisher AxesInMotion Racing
Genre Games
Size 161 MB
Version 6.72.0
Update 2023/1/1
MOD Unlimited Money: Money increase when spent!
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Android Android Games
3 ( 107 ratings )
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The latest AxesInMotion Racing game is sure to appeal to car lovers as it lets you experience all the exciting aspects of driving. To that end, players will have the opportunity to drive some of the world’s most desirable cars in an extreme self-driving simulator. Learn more about this amazing game as we check it out and provide an in-depth review.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:

Players have the right to choose their favorite car

In the extreme car driving simulator, players will be able to choose a suitable and desired car to drive alongside them throughout the race. Each car is unique in terms of design, color and functionality and racing speed. Remember to choose carefully; you should choose the right car for you, one that is durable, can withstand bad weather and more.

Simple controls but take time to master

The game controls are simple and comprehensive, as the developers of AxesInMotion Racing have worked hard to make it easier for beginners to learn. This means that you can use all the different driving functions, such as turns, gear changes and more, without the hassle of the new controls. In addition, the control layout is very flexible as it is also configurable. So, if the existing controls are inconvenient, you can completely switch to a different control technology, new gears, etc.

After all, while you might think the controls are pretty simple, all the available options still take some getting used to. Spend some time to handle it in extreme car driving simulator.

Become a professional actor in the city

While playing extreme car driving simulator, you can enjoy exciting racing moments with many tough enemies. They drive safely and are very professional. So you have to try to work hard on every track. Become a skilled and experienced racer and learn to use your knowledge and skills to create the best possible race and earn the respect of your opponents.

Enjoy accurate physics

The game also features precise mechanics found only in the most popular console racing games. However, Extreme Car Driving Simulator is definitely a great choice for anyone looking for a real driving simulation experience. Take part in intuitive and realistic driving simulations. Perform amazing acrobatics using accurate physics.

The racing interface is reality and life

The interface depicts all the surrounding attractions in the most realistic way, and the course is bright and clear. It can be compared to a real world race track. This modern model will inspire and appreciate players. In addition, all sounds are transmitted clearly, creating an exciting and entertaining environment that helps players focus and put more effort into each game.

Huge open world environment

As mentioned, the land of extreme car driving simulator has quite a large open area that you can explore a lot. Offers you various exciting options like driving a bus or a taxi while being chased by a vengeful policeman to break the rules.

Strategy of modern and new supercar sizes

In this game you will get a fleet of modern supercars of different sizes, colors and shapes. You will find and evaluate all types of cars. You can also test drive the car you are interested in. You can steer flexibly and change pace quickly to be competitive.

Realistic interactive elements

In extreme car driving simulator, your car will feel and look like a real car. Due to the dynamic and realistic aspect, you can see real car damage from road accidents. So, if you don’t want to end your adventure too soon, be careful to avoid a crash that can cause serious damage.

In addition, the environment during the run is very dynamic as it reacts to any physical touch. This means you can wreak havoc with the cops in a street racing collision, or even knock over traffic lights flying off the ground.

Challenges and obstacles await you

During the fight you will encounter many enemies and barricades will also appear. Don’t give up, instead keep trying and come up with clever solutions to get things done. Take care of these contingencies as best and as quickly as possible. In many unexpected situations like these, you should not be passive and anxious; instead, you need to have a strong attitude that is ready to go.

Switch between different cameras

In addition, the extreme car driving simulator provides many alternative camera settings. If you often change the view, it can be used. Internal or outside, looking forward or looking forward to your vehicle. Your personal insight comes from every viewing.

Learn and get more experience on cars in this game

Release the stress of life and work after playing this game, you will feel comfortable and relaxed. Even after the game, you will feel a boost of excitement and energy. In addition, you will learn more about the different car types and become familiar with more cutting-edge and unique car brands. In addition, you will increase your knowledge, learn new things and acquire important skills.

Be active to win valuable prizes

Apart from the addictive extreme car driving simulator gameplay, you can also get great rewards while playing the game. But every time you log back into the game, you can get a daily reward. Or earn great rewards by completing challenges and objectives.

visual / Graphics and sound quality


Although the game has pretty decent visuals, it still loads and plays on many devices. On the other hand, realistic 3D visualizations, dynamic settings and similar features will make you feel like you are actually playing the game.


The game provides immersive and comprehensive sound effects, giving players the most realistic and realistic sound effects experience. You can feel other aspects like the cars around you and the police chasing you.

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