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Name Crash Fever Crash Fever is the most famous version in the Crash Fever series of publisher WonderPlanet Inc.
Publisher WonderPlanet Inc.
Genre Games
Size 106.76 MB
Total installs 1,000,000+
Update 2022/11/24
MOD Low Rival,High Attack,Win
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Android Android Games
4.0 ( 167 ratings )
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Many people like the Japanese RPG game Crash Fever because it has a lot of new elements. Land of the Rising Sun is a company that publishes online games. As you probably know, this is a social cooperative game, so players will interact virtually to complete missions. In addition, it will provide you with various fun activities and player rewards. So it provides useful options for any player.
On the other hand, the gameplay is simple. It’s simple to get points or bits, eliminate collections of puzzle pieces or balls that are close to each other and have the same color. But publishers complicate the rules of the game or your position to increase the excitement of the game. Once you’ve learned more about the game, it’s time to start playing Crash Fever. The game app is now supported on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Crash Fever 1
Crash Fever 1

Crash Fever Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


The story of Crash Fever takes place in a place called Alice. The planet is currently in chaos caused by people who have power over the system. So it’s up to you to counteract this effect with the tools at your disposal in visually stunning and tactical combat. I am sure that the beauty of this universe and the attack effects, you can not resist the first contact. Four soldiers, including three from your team and an assistant from another player, will be on your team. You’ll have to constantly match panels of different colors so that the characters can form attacks and launch really impressive energy sources at the opponents during the game. Additionally, your three matches are fired at regular intervals to trigger this attack. In all three cases, it can be said that the number of matching panels will determine the strength of your strike.

Crash Fever 2
Crash Fever 2

Events and mini-games that are fun

In addition to attractive characters, the game regularly develops simple and manageable mini-games and exciting events for players. This feature makes the game more varied than other puzzle games. Participating in events will earn you rare items, while playing mini-games will give you moments of quiet relaxation.

Crash Fever 3
Crash Fever 3


At the beginning of Crash Fever, you will be the first to die and the screen will be split in two. Enemies and characters you control are located in the upper part. The panel you want to match is on the bottom side. Simple matching works by requiring you to tap on items that are close to each other for the link to appear. Additionally, if multiple panels match, you get a crash panel that activates each character’s talent.
As mentioned, the character will automatically attack with what you gave it after three taps. Depending on the panel you linked to, a number will appear next to the character’s image. At the same time, the character color panel will help increase that character’s attack, so you should prioritize those colors. In addition, there is a notable panel called the heart panel, which allows you to increase a certain level of health during battle.

Crash Fever 6
Crash Fever 6

Thrilling RPG components

When you start the game, the screen interface will be divided into two parts. The puzzle area will be at the bottom and the competition section will be at the top. The group then begins with different roles and power categories. Trouble zones display the appropriate number of colors corresponding to each type of effect a player’s team has. The design of the puzzle areas also differs from their counterparts in other puzzle areas. Players will initially notice the random placement of colored blocks in this area. Their relative proximity to each other makes the conflict less tense.

Players must connect blocks of the same color to participate in turn-based games. You need to contact them as often as possible. The color of the block determines the nature of the damage and the accompanying power. For example, blue squares deal magic damage, while red squares deal physical damage. But if you can connect colored blocks at the right time, your character’s unique abilities will be activated. Each character has a common talent that is found to be usable after the player has connected enough blocks of the same color. And the role-playing element of this scenario is that the player goes on an adventure in a vast fantasy world shrouded in mystery. As the player progresses, the difficulties will become increasingly difficult, and this will require the player’s ability to continuously overcome the difficulties. But if you manage to overcome these challenges, you will be rewarded very handsomely.


Players will discover a completely different character system with different characteristics and abilities in Crash Fever. Choosing heroes with amazing talents to help teammates or hurt enemies will lead to unique tactics that will be developed before the game begins. All of these characters operate on a meter system that also represents their respective attributes. It is represented by red, green, yellow and blue. The elements in front balance the elements behind and you have to choose the right opponents to fight.
If you have a diverse system of characters, you’re bound to spend time compiling them, and there are a number of different ways to do this. One is to summon them through the gacha system; it can produce amazing effects when drawing rare characters.

Crash Fever 4
Crash Fever 4

Whats New

-App Icon Updated
-[Operation Defrag] Released
-UI Updated
-Other bug fixes

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