Boom Beach MOD APK 45.559 [Unlimited Money,Ammo And Diamonds]

Name Boom Beach Boom Beach is the most famous version in the Boom Beach series of publisher Supercell
Publisher Supercell
Genre Strategy
Size 118.88 MB
Version 45.542
Total installs 100,000,000+
Update 2022/11/30
MOD Unlimited Money And Ammo,Diamonds
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Android Android Strategy
4.4 ( 955 ratings )
Price: $0

Welcome to Boom Beach, where you must be ready or you will lose.

Use your wits and strength against the evil blackguard in this epic battle strategy game. Attack enemy strongholds to free captured islanders and learn the secrets of this lush paradise. To fight the enemy together, you need to create a task force with players from all over the world. Observe, prepare and BOOM Beach!

Boom Beach Frontlines 1
Boom Beach Frontlines 1

Boom Beach Review

Here you will find all the exciting game options that will blow your mind:


This action game is considered the best as it has a perfect blend of strategy and shooting. So, when you join Boom Beach: Battlefront, you have the opportunity to grow both physically and mentally. This is your chance to impress everyone with your sniper skills. Players must choose weapons and assign them to their army before engaging in any large-scale or minor conflict. Make sure they have powerful attacks and are strong. A perfect plan of attack will also help you win.

Boom Beach Frontlines 2
Boom Beach Frontlines 2

Easy ui

Thanks to the game’s very simple and sustainable navigation system, you will be able to quickly find all the options and functions you need. There will also be no ad-related issues, allowing you to enjoy the game without being interrupted by ads. With this program, you will have a higher level of security and privacy protection than before.

Create your ideal tropical headquarters and take over the islands

Build your headquarters on the shore of a remote island and begin your main quest in Boom Beach. Build different structures and rooms to start collecting and crafting resources. Protect your resources with powerful towers. Start recruiting soldiers and raid rival HQs for some awesome loot. Play against nearby blackguards or other players. Freely explore and conquer the tropical island while earning rewards.

Boom Beach Frontlines 3
Boom Beach Frontlines 3


The game is popular among players for several reasons. This gives you plenty of opportunities to join the fray and grow as a player, but as you join the fray you will need to collect and unlock various chests. It is full of surprises and special gifts such as new troops, weapons, armor or other powerful items. Or it could be a tank that you command and bring into battle.

Boom Beach Frontlines 4
Boom Beach Frontlines 4

Undertake a number of missions to defeat the evil Blackguard

As you begin your adventure in Boom Beach, you will find yourself in a variety of missions. Defeat the terrifying blackguards in different levels and stages as you learn more about their evil plans. Take on the toughest bosses in the game and win.

In addition, you have unlimited freedom to travel around the vast tropical archipelago. Learn more about the mysterious powers of the Life Crystal as you embark on another terrifying mission.

Boom Beach Frontlines 5
Boom Beach Frontlines 5

After four hours, a new battle map is given and refreshed

As mentioned, your battles in Boom Beach: Frontlines will take place in different scenarios. Depending on the level and game mode you choose, you will enter the battle in different settings. We especially help you with a map that is updated every four hours. This means that not only is your environment always unique, but so is the difficulty of the battles you engage in.

Boom Beach Frontlines 6
Boom Beach Frontlines 6

Join countless online players for thrilling raid battles

You will undoubtedly enjoy the online games in Boom Beach as much as you enjoy the single player campaign. So you can play Boom Beach online with millions of other players from all over the world. Explore a variety of online games where you can battle other players in endless raid matches.


In addition to the battles already built into the level, players can choose to participate in several individual combat events in Boom Beach: Frontlines. No matter what kind of war it is, the character of a strong man with a strong background and rich combat experience must be created. Defeat every opponent you encounter on the field with your own strength and climb the leaderboard.

sound,control and image quality


Enjoy this amazing strategy game from the famous Supercell while immersing yourself in an accurate and realistic sound experience. Boom Beach’s intense gunfire and explosive explosions will make everything look very real.


You can also choose from a number of upgrades available to your army to strengthen turrets and make your army more effective in raid battles. Before that happens, however, you’ll need to gain control of the island’s valuable resources, conduct new research, and enable new army upgrades. You can easily upgrade your army with various upgrades, each with their own special effects.


Immerse yourself in Boom Beach raids and tower defense battles as you play. Thanks to its amazing environment, amazing units and towers and powerful visuals, the game will make you feel like you are in the middle of the battle. Not to mention, playing the game on mobile will be much more fun thanks to the optimized graphics.

Whats New

Commander - gather your troops on the beach for a new BOOM-bastic update!
• New Troop - introducing the Laser Ranger!
• New Defense Building - the all-new Critter Launcher is here to defend your silky smooth beach!
• Tribe Boosts Improved - Mech, Bombardier and Laser Ranger added to the Tribe Boost events.
• Balance changes to Mech and buffed the Proto Troops!
​​• Boom Surprise now also attacks air troops!
• New and fresh loading screen.
• Quick account switching.
• Bug fixes.

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