8 Ball Pool MOD APK v5.11.0 (Long Lines)

Name 8 Ball Pool 8 Ball Pool is the most famous version in the 8 Ball Pool series of publisher
Publisher Miniclip.com
Genre Games
Size 77 MB
Version 5.11.0
Update 2022/12/1
MOD Long Lines
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Android Android Games
4 ( 145 ratings )
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It’s time for pool lovers from around the world to experience the most authentic and engaging 8-ball pool experience with other online players. Grab a line and head to the pool hall to play exciting games with the best players. Check out our review to find out everything you need to know about this amazing pool game on Miniclip.com.

8 Ball Pool Review

Here you will find all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Show your skills

Today, there are several sports that can be played all over the world. Most modern sports allow you to display your talents in terms of power, vertical and absolute strength. But if you want an activity that depends on your ability to think critically and maintain extreme focus, billiards is the activity for you. In this game, players take turns shooting the ball into the pocket. The goal is to finally hit the 8-ball after pocketing the ball.

Simple and intuitive controls

Players in 8 Ball Pool will initially be introduced to a very simple and straightforward control scheme. You want the power meter to tell you how much power you need and how hard you’re hitting. You’ll also get a dotted guide to help you hit the ball in the right direction. This allows new players to quickly get used to the controls.

The action won’t be this simple for long, so keep that in mind. As you progress through the game and level up, you have to study and carefully consider each of your warnings because you have no guidelines to refer to. This makes the game more difficult and adds to the fun of playing 8 ball pool.

8 Ball Pool’s 1v1 Mode

Being able to compete with players from all over the world in 1v1 mode in 8 ball pool long line mod apk is one of the most exciting aspects of the game. You can compete against players from Japan, France and Great Britain, just like in the Olympics.

To ensure continuous play, each participant was given 30 seconds to make a choice. If you cancel the move (with the ball still in hand), your opponent has the right to move the cue ball anywhere on the table. Pocketing the ball will mean a penalty.

You can learn more about your opponents by clicking on their avatars. The number of stars determines the level of each player. In addition to the ranking, you can also see their total games played, winning percentage and ranking.

Based on your star, rank and other factors, the game will determine who your opponent is. If you want to stand a chance against the best players in the world, you need to win as many games as possible.

Still missing is a chat option that allows players to participate in unlimited in-game discussions. Player communication is limited to pre-existing phrases such as “nice”, “good game” and “good effort”.

Go on an amazing adventure and visit the most famous pool clubs. Starting with smaller matches, you can play with the big boys as you build your reputation. You can check them and move on to the next stage by doing so. Visit the most famous places like Central London Bar, Sydney Dock Bar, Moscow Winter Club, Tokyo Warriors Hall, Full House Las Vegas, Jakarta Volcano and more.

You and your friends can organize a match

In addition, 8 Ball Pool is a tournament option that allows you to organize a mini-match with 8 players to determine the winner. To do this, you need to log in to Miniclip or Facebook. You can participate in any match with other players. If the champion wins, there will be more money that can be used to buy new items from the pool shop. You can buy expensive accessories or insist on spending money. In addition, you can buy talents with money, such as the ability to spin and spot signals.


Little polish is found in the graphics of the game. All you need is a pool table and some balls. As a result, you won’t have any distractions, so you can focus only on the pool table which is exactly why this game is so addictive. Moreover, 8 Ball Pool can be enjoyed on a variety of devices because of its undemanding graphics.


In addition to the sounds of the game, the sounds are very familiar and realistic, resulting in the appeal of the game for players. For example, the sound of billiard balls falling into the hole, the sound of balls hitting each other, or the sound of poke the ball, they all add to its appeal. Players will not want to take their eyes off the screen, even though this is a simulation (virtual) game. You should not miss the 8 Ball Pool game, if you are a fan of this sport and would like to enjoy this game with your friends.


There are more changes in 8 Ball Pool in the new version, including emotes and messaging to allow players to chat. You can exchange or search for things directly with other players during matches. There are many interesting things and new features that will appear in the game as a result of the new content.

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